How to Increase Battery Life of Your Smartphone?

How to Increase Battery Life of Your Smartphone?

Your phone battery life gets worse with time. This simply means you’ll be charging your phone more often as it would be dying frequently on you. If you are wondering how to make your Android phone’s battery last longer, here are 4 quick tips:  

1. Know the Apps That Drain Your Phone


Smartphone operating systems are advanced enough to automatically notify you of battery draining apps. If not, you can easily know this by going to settings, clicking on battery and then opening battery usage. You will find details of the applications that are draining a chunk of battery life. 

What you can do is delete these applications if rarely used. Or you can optimize them to automatically close in the background if you are not using them.

2. Change Your Charging Habits


Charging your battery right matters. This determines how long it would take before your battery starts to get worse with time. 

Many people only charge their phone when it’s about to die, and then charge it right upto 100%. This deteriorates the battery health and hence you are left with less and less capacity to store the charge. It’s recommended not to charge your phone above 85% and not let it slip off below 20%. 

3. Enable Airplane Mode


If you want to charge your phone quickly, or slow down the discharge process, simply turn off the network switches like SIM, Bluetooth, Mobile Data, Location, etc. When a smartphone has free access to the internet, it continuously keeps updating things in the background and fetches notifications from various apps. 

If you can’t turn off the SIM, what you can do is minimize the use of bluetooth and location. Only enable data, location, bluetooth and wifi controls when you have to. 

4. Adjust Inbuilt Settings of Your Phone

Adjusting inbuilt settings of your phone can extend the battery life of your smartphone. Here are a number of battery life tips you can follow:

  • Lower the brightness of your phone
  • Enabling power saving mode when phone reaches a certain battery level
  • Minimize screen out time 
  • Enable Dark mode
  • Set updates and backup only when phone is plugged in

What to Take Away From This Blog?


One of the biggest reasons why many have to change phones is poor battery life. You can save a lot of money by following these simple battery life enhancing tips, which cost nothing. 

However, we would like to remind our readers that these tips are not for those whose phone battery life has been damaged beyond repair. For them, it would be better to simply replace the battery. 

Do you have other battery life enhancing tips? Let us know in the comments below.

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