Best Bicycles in Pakistan

Best Bicycles in Pakistan

Happy World Bicycle Day! The health benefits of bicycling have been known for long. It cuts down your risk of developing serious health conditions, some types of cancers, obesity, diabetes, and arthritis. It even helps alleviate your mood, hence uplifting your spirits and cutting down the risk of depression. 

Bicycling in Pakistan however became a fad during the initial waves of Covid 19. During the national shutdown when all indoor and outdoor activities came to halt, many picked up bicycling as a social activity. Shopkeepers which were selling only a fixed number of bicycles month after month, soon ran out of their stock. 

Other than shopkeepers, bicycle manufacturers and suppliers couldn’t meet the demand, resulting in skyrocketing bicycle prices. In some incidents, bicycles were even stolen. 

However, what seemed like a temporary phase at the moment has actually turned into a habit for some. Covid is almost gone, but bicycles and their fans are still around. 

If you too would like to join this community, you must be wondering which type of bicycle would suit you best. Here are your options, 

Road Bikes

It’s the type of bicycle with lowered handlebars, multiple gears, and skinny tires. These bikes are efficient and lightweight, helping you go long distances. These bikes are required to lean to grasp those lowered handles. That’s why it’s aerodynamic even at high speeds for a bike. 

Road bikes and their multiple gears are perfect for road and street bicycling. If you are interested in these bikes, you can find new and used road bikes here.  

Mountain Bikes

The name speaks for itself; mountain bikes are meant for offroad and adventurous bicycling. If you are up for a cycling adventure in the mountains, this should be the bike of choice for you. These have handlebars in a slightly upward position for superior handling, unlike road bikes. These have bigger tires for a stronger grip, tougher shocks, and improved skeleton. These extra durable bikes can bear the most demanding terrains. 

It all depends on how hard you can push it on steep terrains – this bike can take all the beating. Find some new and used mountain bikes here. 

Hybrid Bikes 

If you are looking for a mix of urban and mountain bikes, which are tough on hard and uneven surfaces and smooth on urban roads, you are looking for a hybrid bike. Hybrid bikes offer utmost compatibility on both rough and smooth roads. These are often made of aluminum with lightweight, affordable, and highly durable frames. 

Considering the road conditions, a hybrid bike may be the one that works for you. Find some new and used hybrid bikes here. 

Fixed Gears bikes

It is like an urban bike without multiple gears. These bikes resemble road bikes as they have sleek wheels, lightweight frames, and lower handles. The difference is these bikes don’t have multiple gears to shift. Therefore, they may require more energy to move and hence burn more calories.

These bikes are simple and can be bought for a relatively less price than the above listed. 

BMX Bikes

We all have seen those cool, small-sized, freestyle BMX bikes. They have unique adjustments of components giving the rider absolute control. The big and fat tyres provide good traction and comfort. However, the downside is that they have fixed gears. 

BMX bikes are not for everyone. They are also not suitable for everyday bicycling. However, if you like to perform stunts then go for it. Find some new and used BMX bikes here. 

What to take away from this blog

Cycling is more than a healthy activity. It’s an escape from reality. 

Like various motorcycle clubs, there are bicycle clubs and communities as well. There may be one where you live. If you would like to join it, you need to have a bicycle. 

This blog is a brief guide on bicycle types, which should help you select the best bicycle for you. 

Are you a bicycle enthusiast? Let us know which bicycle you own and what was your buying process when you bought it. Do you have tips for your community? Leave them here. 

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