11 Essential Smartphone Accessories

11 Essential Smartphone Accessories

Instead of getting into a long debate about whether smartphones are smarter than humans, let’s just say that they are smart enough to make our lives easier. Both iPhones and Android phones not only have great operating systems but excellent hardware as well. These phones have millions of apps and games which make the user experience a whole lot of fun. 

Did you know these phones can be made smarter by pairing them with different accessories? While some accessories are designed to be compatible with only a few devices, others are compatible with almost every smartphone. 

In this blog, we are going to list down some of the accessories that are usable no matter which smartphone you own. However, there are no hard and fast rules here as you can pick and choose these according to your preferences.

With that, let’s start listing them down:

1. Portable Chargers or Power Banks

In the hustle and bustle of today’s life, portable chargers are a must. No matter how good the battery life of your phone is, it is never enough. A portable charger helps you charge your phone’s battery on the go. 


Portable chargers have different features like the number of USB ports, types of USB ports, the milliampere hours (mAH), the amperage (A), etc. Make sure you have a look at all of these before you invest in any. 

2. Cases and Covers

For a majority of smartphone users, cases and covers are the most essential phone accessories.  Since phones tend to drop, these cases and covers protect your phones from scratches or any other significant damage.


From cartoon phone cases to shiny ones to basic colored covers, there is a huge variety of cases available which allows people to choose as per their choice. 

3. Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

Another accessory that is extremely important is a screen protector. Even if your screen is made with a sturdy material, it does not mean that it is immune to scratches, cracks or other damages.  Hence, applying a screen guard will protect it.



Initially, it may seem like an additional cost but it will save you, in the long run, from spending much more on a broken phone screen.

4. Additional Camera Lenses For Your Phone

Along with protecting your phone and making it more user-friendly, you should also focus on accessories that enhance the performance of your phone, such as camera lenses. These days, smartphone cameras are becoming more efficient but if you want to improve the performance  even more, you can invest in additional camera lenses.


Additional camera lenses not only  allow you to capture high-quality images and videos, but they also allow you to experiment with various camera angles, adjusting the aperture, focal length and zoom. This is a great addition for photography enthusiasts. 

5. A Car Mount

With the increased use of mobile phone navigation and the urge to constantly record everything, it has become evident that people use phones on the go as well. 


It is strongly suggested that you avoid using your phone while driving, but if you have to, then a phone mount is an accessory that you must have. There are different types of phone mounts so make sure you get the one which is compatible with multiple smartphones. 

Having a car mount is not only essential for your safety but for other drivers on the road as well. 

6. Selfie Sticks

Most smartphones come with in-ear earphones; however, there may be times when these earphones would not be as per your liking.


If you are someone who likes to listen to music while running or jogging, etc., we suggest you invest in good quality wireless headphones/earbuds. These earbuds will not only transform the music experience but also help you communicate with your friends and family effortlessly.

7. Wireless Headphones or Wireless Earbuds

Most smartphones come with in-ear earphones; however, there may be times when these earphones would not be as per your liking.

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If you are someone who likes to listen to music while running or jogging, etc., we suggest you invest in good quality wireless headphones/earbuds. These earbuds will not only transform the music experience but also enhance the way you communicate with your friends and family.

8. Portable Bluetooth Speakers

While some phones come with great speakers, others have lackluster sound quality. In this case, it is better if you invest in a portable Bluetooth speaker. 


Having a portable Bluetooth speaker will allow you to carry it around to different places and create an ambiance of your own.

9. Phone Ring Holder

While it may not seem important and not everyone may want it, we believe that a phone ring holder will be a great addition to your mobile phone accessories collection.


Since most phones come with a glass build, it becomes difficult for people to have a firm grip on their phones. This increases the chances of their smartphone slipping out of their hands. 

The phone ring holder is attached to the back of your phone and you can hold it with your finger. Along with this, the ring holder can also be used as a stand. Now how cool of a feature is that!

10. Smart Watches 

Smart watches are another must have accessory due to their multi-purpose use. With the help of a smartwatch, you can attend calls, manage notifications, ask questions to voice assistants, etc., without having to use your phone. 


Smart watches are not only limited to these functions, these devices now work as fitness trackers as well as medical devices. For example, you can check real-time ECG with some of these smart watches. 

11. Gaming Controller

A gaming controller is a great device for gaming enthusiasts. While most games on Play Store and App Store are made to be played with touch screens, there are some which can be played by using gaming controllers. You can invest in a game controller if you want to experience it.


VR games are also extremely fun when played using a gaming controller.

What Are Some of the Things You Should Consider Before Buying Essential Phone Accessories?

Following are some of the things you should consider:

  • The manufacturer should be authentic and reliable 
  • Since most accessories are made by third parties so it is essential to check if the seller is genuine or not
  • If the accessory is offered by your smartphone manufacturer, get it from the first party as it will have better support and compatibility
  • Read reviews and description of the product to check if it is compatible with your smartphone or not

What are First and Third Party Accessories?

Following are some pros and cons of first and third party accessories:

First Party Accessories:

Some Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) make their own accessories called first party accessoires. Some of these accessories are made for a particular phone while others support a whole range of devices. For example, Samsung makes accessories for Samsung phones. 

Third Party Accessories:

As the name suggests, third party accessories are not manufactured by OEMs. These products are manufactured to offer an alternative to first party accessories. They are comparatively cheaper but they have other cons like lack of quality, etc. 

Pros And Cons Of First and Third Party Accessories

Following are some of the pros and cons of first and third party accessories:

Pros of First Party Accessories:

  • First party accessories are always more compatible with your smartphones
  • As compared to third party accessories, first party accessories last longer
  • You get good customer support service if you are using first party accessories

Cons of First Party Accessoires

  •  First party accessories cost significantly more than third party accessories

Pros of Third Party Accessories

  • They cost less than first party accessories
  • Sometimes they are also certified by the OEM
  • They offer more options

Cons of Third Party Accessories

  • They may not always have the best results

We hope that this guide will be of use to you. If you want to buy mobile accessories online in Pakistan, visit OLX Pakistan’s website. There are thousands of options available. 

Do let us know in the comments below which accessories you ended up buying.

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