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Soaring end of the year auto sales

Soaring end of the year auto sales

According to Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association (PAMA) latest sales numbers, the automobile sector is doing a roaring business. One of the main reasons for this is that auto prices are expected to rise in the near future. Therefore, people who usually wait for the new year to buy cars aren’t waiting and making their purchases now.  

Latest Sales Numbers

Let’s take a look at the sales numbers of various auto manufacturers, their popular models with their YOY and MOM sales.

Honda Atlas Cars (Pakistan) Ltd. most popular models are City, Civic and BRV. Their latest sales numbers, both YOY and MOM, are as follows.

Honda City and Civic (All Variants) 

Honda’s two most popular models – City and Civic sales (YOY) numbers are: 

Dec 2020Dec 2021Difference

MOM numbers are:

Nov 2021Dec 2021Difference

City and Civics’ both YOY and MOM numbers are exceptionally good to say the least. 

Honda BRV

Honda’s other hottest selling model, BRV posted the following (YOY) sales numbers:

Dec 2020Dec 2021Difference

This subcompact crossover SUV’s MOM sales numbers are:

Nov 2021Dec 2021Difference

Honda must be really pleased with these numbers as they are steady both YOY and MOM. 

Toyota Indus Sales Numbers

Indus Motor Company Limited (IMC) is the maker of some of the most popular cars in Pakistan, including Corolla, Yaris, Fortuner and Hilux.

Let’s take a look at their YOY and MOM sales numbers.

Toyota Corolla (All Variants):


Dec 2020Dec 2021Difference


Nov 2021Dec 2021Difference

Toyota Yaris (All Variants)


Dec 2020Dec 2021Difference


Nov 2021Dec 2021Difference

While Toyota Pakistan must largely be satisfied with the sales of its cars, Yaris remains a cause of concern. Its MOM sales have consistently declined since September 2021. 

Toyota Fortuner

Toyota’s flagship utility vehicle, Fortuner is a mid-size SUV, which seems to have captured this niche segment in Pakistan. 

Let’s look at its YOY and MOM sales numbers.

Dec 2020Dec 2021Difference

Fortuner has posted very impressive sales numbers for the year 2020-2021. 

Nov 2021Dec 2021Difference

Since November 2021, Fortuner’s MOM sales have declined. If this continues, Toyota should be concerned since this SUV has been one of its hottest selling vehicles.  

Toyota Hilux 

Hilux is a pick-up truck, which is often used as a security vehicle in VIP entourages. Let’s look at its sales numbers to ascertain how common it is on the roads.


Dec 2020Dec 2021Difference


Nov 2021Dec 2021Difference

Like Fortuner, Hilux has posted positive YOY sales numbers and negative MOM sales numbers. With the exception of November 2021, its MOM sales numbers have been declining since July 2021.  

Pak Suzuki Sales Numbers

Suzuki is perhaps the most prominent brand in Pakistan with a variety of models and their variants. Suzuki’s Swift, Cultus, Wagon R, Alto and Bolan are the most commonly seen vehicles on the road. Let’s take a look at their YOY and MOM sales numbers.

Suzuki Alto

Dec 2020Dec 2021Difference

It is not called Pakistan’s “hottest selling car” for nothing.  

Nov 2021Dec 2021Difference

Last month, we had stated Alto’s MOM sales numbers are really concerning for the company with a 52% sales dip. But look at the recovery. What a comeback. Unbelievable numbers. 

Suzuki Wagon R

One of the most prominent and popular kei cars in Pakistan, Wagon R is the automobile behind the Uber revolution in Pakistan. Let’s look at its YOY and MOM sales numbers.  

Dec 2020Dec 2021Difference
Nov 2021Dec 2021Difference

Wagon Rs MOM sales numbers were a cause of concern for Suzuki since July 2021. However, these numbers have consistently gone up since November 2021. Let’s see if this trend continues in 2022 as well. 

Suzuki Cultus

Cultus’s YOY sales numbers are as follows:

Dec 2020Dec 2021Difference


Nov 2021Dec 2021Difference

Cultus sales numbers are in the negative for long and the fact that its booking has been halted since September 2021 hasn’t helped. However, the real reason behind this dip could be the consumers interest in Wagon R and Alto. Just look at their sales numbers. 

Suzuki Bolan

This mini MPV is the main “workhorse” on the roads of Pakistan. It’s YOY and MOM sales numbers are as follows:

Dec 2020Dec 2021Difference
Nov 2021Dec 2021Difference

While Bolan’s YOY sales numbers are impressive, its MOM sales numbers are erratic. From July 2021 onwards, they have been up and down and not steady. 


Another automobile segment which has done really well in terms of sales is the compact SUV category. Kia Sportage, Hyundai Tucson and MG ZS and HS are the front contenders in this segment. Unfortunately, PAMA has not provided sales numbers for Kia and MG; however, Hyundai Tucson sales numbers are available. 

Hyundai Tucson

This compact SUVs YOY sales numbers are:

Dec 2020Dec 2021Difference

Its MOM sales numbers are as follows:

Nov 2021Dec 2021Difference

While Tucson’s MOM sales numbers are mind blowing, Hyundai Nishat wouldn’t be celebrating just yet. If you look at this SUV’s MOM sales numbers since July 2021, they are still down from October 2021. 

The Biggest Winners

Suzuki Alto hands down is the biggest winner followed by Wagon R, City and Civic. Hyundai Tucson MOM sales numbers are truly amazing. 

The Biggest Losers

Suzuki Cultus sticks out like a sore thumb. As mentioned above, its booking has been suspended for a variety of reasons, which has not helped its sales. Second, people may not be interested in buying it since there’s a rumor that Suzuki will be re-introducing Swift this year. 

Rising Auto Sales

As can be seen, the YOY and MOM for most are in the positive. This is despite the fact that there are:

  • Stringent auto financing requirements from the banks
  • Rising financing rates
  • Rising automobile prices

However, the main reason for this soaring sales could be the expected exponential price increase. People are hurrying to buy their preferred vehicles before the “mini budget” is passed by the Parliament. 

What to Expect in Future

It is likely that these positive numbers will take a nosedive once the new prices are implemented. However, it would be wrong to suggest that increasing prices alone can damage the sales numbers. These prices after all have consistently increased throughout 2021 without making any real dent in the sales numbers. 

Let us know if these numbers will affect your car buying decision. What more would you like PAMA to report on? For example, we would like to know the YOY and MOM sales numbers of Kia Sportage and MG SUVs. 

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