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Revised KIA Cars Prices After Addition of 1% CVT

Revised KIA Cars Prices After Addition of 1% CVT


KIA has updated prices of its cars after the additional CVT of 1% imposed on cars having engine larger than 1300cc. Let’s find the new price list of KIA cars in Pakistan.

ModelEx-Factory Price (Rs.)CVT (1%)Ex-Factory Price Including CVT (Rs.)
Picanto M/T2,600,000Not Applicable2,600,000
Picanto A/T2,700,000Not Applicable2,700,000
Stonic EX4,425,00044,2504,469,250
Stonic EX+4,725,00047,2504,772,250
Sportage Alpha5,300,00053,0005,353,000
Sportage FWD5,800,00058,0005,858,000
Sportage AWD6,300,00063,0006,363,000
Sorento 2.4L FWD6,836,00068,3606,904,360
Sorento 2.4L AWD7,499,00074,9907,573,990
Sorento 3.5L7,499,00074,9907,573,990

Before this, the company increased the car prices third time in April 2022 and has not increased the ex-factory prices since then. It is important to note that other automobile companies have already increased prices after April 2022. So, it can be taken as a sign that the company cares about its consumers. According to the company, PKR devaluation along with increase in sea freight on the import of parts were the reasons behind that price hike. 

With effect from April 18, 2022, following are the updated prices of KIA Picanto, Sportage and Stonic.:


What Do We Think About It?

In our opinion, all auto-manufacturers are trying to capitalize on the economic situation of the country by making as much profit as they can. If the devaluation of PKR is the reason behind price hike, why do these companies stay silent and not decrease the prices of their cars when the currency is in a better state? But KIA has impressed us by retaining it prices for over 2 months when other automobile companies were increasing the prices constantly. And even this time, the company has just added the tax that imposed by the government.

What are your thoughts on this CVT? Tell us in the comment section below.

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  1. Sir just rate hi barhaate rahe toh kya ho ga aap ko chahye toyota se kam range me nikalen cars ab picanto ko dekh lein jis ne gli leni ho wo kya picanto ki taraf dekhe ga…. Pucanto ki price suzuki alto se bhi kam honi chahye …. Sportage ki price achi rakhi hai isi liye us ki resell zyada hai aur stonic ko dekh len lene se pehle log 1000 martaba sochte hai 42 or 45 ahmiyat rakhte hai so plz rate ki amount k baare me thora sochiye….

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