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OLX & The Services Industry

The Services Industry of Pakistan 

By definition, the Services Industry includes the production of intangible goods and comprises industries such as warehousing, transportation, information/communication services, security, investment, professional services, health services, arts, entertainment, and recreation. The countries comprising the major part of the world’s services sector include the United States, China, Japan, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Brazil, India, Italy, and Canada in this particular order. 

The Services Industry in Pakistan has been consistently contributing to the country’s economic growth and accounts for around 54% of the GDP. It is the largest and fastest growing sector in the economy of the entire world. As knowledge-based and skill-oriented industries grow, the Services Sector is expected to continue on its path of exponential growth. 

For the purpose of understanding the Services Industry better, let us break it down into 4 main categories:

  • Distribution Services

This includes the railways, road transport, air transport, water transport, telecommunications, and storage services.

  • Producer Services

The State Bank of Pakistan, commercial banks, financial intermediaries, and insurance and pension funds managers fall into this category.

  • Personal Services

All one’s entertainment and recreational services fall into this category.

  • Social Services

This sector comprises all medical and health, educational, and community services. 

Services on OLX

OLX is Pakistan’s biggest online marketplace; alongside products, OLX also houses a plethora of varied services listed under the Services category. There are around 30K ads posted on OLX every day. There are over 5M impressions to be served in the Services category each month with around 500K users browsing through the category monthly.   

The Services category can be broken down into the following 14 subcategories:

Much like the Services Industry in general, the services available on OLX are also vast and varied. Some of the subcategories can be further broken down into their subcategories such as Music and Dance classes, Cooked Food, etc.!

Furthermore, there are currently over 18K ads listed in the main Services category. The regional breakdown of advertisement throughout Pakistan in the Services category is as follows:

People browsing through the Services category are searching for all kinds of assistance whether it be a hospice nurse, a home tutor, or a place to take their home appliances for repair. Here are some of the most popular terms people are looking up in the Services category:

On average, all subcategories in the Services section receive 2+ replies per month. The most popular sub-categories in the Services Category and the breakdown of traffic they receive per month is as follows:

Moreover, the following represents the ratio of ads vs buyers in these three most popular subcategories:


The Services Industry in Pakistan, as in most parts of the developed and developing world is at a rise. This creates employment opportunities as well as immense space for creative growth and experimentation.

The Services category on OLX presents varied data from time to time and continues to grow among the most promising categories making OLX your go-to place for any service you require from a home tutor to a caterer for an event or even a rent-a-car to get there!

The majority of the numbers shared in this report cover average user activity over the past few months. Some of these numbers change on a monthly or even a daily basis such as impressions served or popular search terms based on the time of year, occasions, etc. 

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