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Murree Tragedy: How to keep yourself warm when stranded in snow

Murree Tragedy: How to keep yourself warm when stranded in snow

In the wake of the recent tragedy in Murree, there must be some lifelong lessons for all of us. While we pray for the departed souls, for the sake of our families and loved ones, we can learn from this tragedy. 

Always Remember: Carbon Monoxide Can KILL You

The initial inquiry report submitted to chief minister Punjab points at Carbon Monoxide (CO), not snow and cold weather, as the main cause of 23 deaths in Murree. The excess accumulation of CO inside the cars due to running heaters led to suffocation.   

What is Carbon Monoxide?

Unlike Sui Gas, you cannot smell CO. It is colorless and odorless. It is formed by the incomplete combustion of fuels.

If the initial inquiry report is to be believed, then what had most likely happened was these unfortunate families slept in their cars with the heaters on. In the meanwhile, it kept snowing outside, covering their cars and blocking exhaust fumes from the silencers. The lethal fumes which are usually pushed out, got pushed in instead.

Since CO is colorless and odorless, occupants of the car kept inhaling it, never knowing they were inhaling poison. 

How to stay warm in snow?

If you are stranded in snow and have nowhere to go, you need to follow these steps to stay warm:

  1. Blankets and comforters are your best friends when you are stranded in snow. Before leaving home, make sure you have wool blankets with you. If you have a sleeping bag, throw it in your car’s trunk because you may need it. 
  1. Dress in layers. Rather than wearing one thick sweater, wear two or three thin sweaters. This is the best way to trap your body heat from escaping. 
  1. In addition, keep these items in your car when heading up north:
  • Sweatshirts and sweatpants 
  • Socks
  • Mittens
  • Gloves
  • Mufflers 

Always remember, do not keep your car running in snow. This is especially true if you are going to sleep in it. Carbon Monoxide can kill. 

Leave your tips and suggestions here. They can save someone’s life.

6 responses to “Murree Tragedy: How to keep yourself warm when stranded in snow”

  1. Homemade long lasting candles🕯️ upto 100 hours. Hand warmers. And also using a Shovel to dig any snow blocking the car can keep your body warm because of all the movement and workout it’s better than sitting in the car freezing.

  2. Make big fire and collect woods and dont let ice to envalop your car, gear up yourself and remove snow from your car with the help of wooden wiper and even use plastic wiper on the roof of your car.

  3. Very useful information. I just wish this would have dispersed before by authorities, well-knowing that hundreds of thousands tourists will be visiting the narrow roads of murree…
    Good job OLX. All are suggested to go throigh and follow the instructions.

  4. Snow chains for tyres
    Anti freeze coolant
    Check weather forecast
    Small shovel
    Must have experience of driving in snow.
    Must have proper gear/clothes etc for extreme cold/snow
    Check frequently on google map for clogged roads ahead.
    Don’t go to Murree on weekends/holidays
    These are some suggestions

  5. we pray for the departed souls, for the sake of families and loved ones, we can learn from this tragedy.
    Whenever you sit in car and while your car is in parking mode and you need to sleep every car’s windows Have air press you must open your door window minimum 1 or 2 inches down no matter you are in snow or stuck in snow or you are waiting someone’s sitting in your car

  6. I suggest, for the future,
    1. all cars should be parked in Pindi(government should arrange for that).

    2. Hotels should be booked by he authorities before leaving for Murree (the hotel management should only provide facilities and collect their revenue from the state).

    3. Trams/shuttle service/chair lifts should carry passengers to Murree and other galyaat.

    4. Only authorized and approved vendors should provide services. Skill development courses should be introduced focusing on tourism and service delivery. This will help improve the quality of service.

    May Allah help us.

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