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Lahore High Court (LHC) Gets Cracking on Motorists

From setting prices for samosas to sending elected Prime Ministers home, our courts have never shied away from playing an activist role. More often than not, this has been done to safeguard the constitutional rights of the people with the right to life being of foremost importance. It can be argued that our courts have been forced to assume this role due to non-functioning state institutions.

Drivers Beware – Always carry your license

Recently, the Lahore High Court has ordered the police to crackdown on those motorists who drive without carrying the driver’s license. Those who are found driving without carrying a license will be fined Rs.2,000. Following these orders, the City Traffic Police Lahore has already started a campaign against non-complying drivers. 

M-Tag on M-2

In a related news, the Honorable Court has also directed motorists using Motorway (M-2 Lahore-Islamabad) to buy M-Tags for their vehicles. This order goes into effect today (December 7, 2021). There will be no exceptions – those without M-Tag will not be allowed on M-2. So, if you travel between Lahore-Islamabad frequently or intend to do it anytime soon, make sure you get the M-Tag on your car.

How and where to get the M-Tag? 

It’s very simple. All is you need is:

  1. Registration book or card
  2. Your CNIC
  3. Motorists obtaining the M-Tag from Islamabad will now need to be fully vaccinated. This is according to a latest notification from the Office of the District Magistrate Islamabad. However, it is not clear whether motorists applying for the M-Tag from Lahore are required to be fully vaccinated as well.

With these, simply walk into any Motorway Customer Care Center. For further assistance, you can call Motorway officials at 1313. 

How to Recharge M-Tag?

Do you think it is the judges job to tell the police how to do their duty? Should this initiative not have been taken by Lahore and Motorway police on their own?

3 responses to “Lahore High Court (LHC) Gets Cracking on Motorists”

  1. Pakistan Motor Way police well educated their behaviour with travellers very humble and cooperative moreover all motorways roads for vehicles safety very nice, hotel-restaurant rest houses washrooms parking areas gasoline stations well equipped and well arranged.
    I have suggestion for Motor Way Police , repairing on motorways area must be properly isolated and must be navigation lights should be installed and indication for drivers must 500 Meters before recarpating / work area repairing ,Road Lanes must be well Painting, sign boards must be well cleared specially for Exit’s. Moreover motorway journey is safe in all respect.

  2. پولیس جرمانے کی حد تو مقرر نہیں کرسکتی معزز عدالت کے اس فیصلے کے بعد پولیس کے لئے بھی آسانی ھو جائیگی۔۔قانون پر عمل ضروری ھے ھمارے ھاں ٹریفک کا نظام بہت بگڑا ھوا ھے نابالغ بچوں اور ون ویلنگ کرنے والے بائیکرز نوجوانوں اور ٹریفک میں سے زگ زیگ بنا کر
    فراٹے بھرنے والوں کو اور انکے والدین کو بھی ایسے جرمانے کئے جانے چاھیئں۔ ٹ

  3. یہ لاھور ھائی کورٹ کا بہت اچھا قدم ھے اس سے روڈ ایکسیڈنٹ 50%کم ھو جائیں گے انشاءاللہ۔کہا یہ صرف لاجور کے لئے ھے باقی پاکستان کو اس کی ضرورت نہیں؟

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