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How to apply for the Original Number Plates?

How to apply for the Original Number Plates?

As you already know, Lahore Traffic Police is about to start fake number plate crackdown from Friday 21st January 2022. We have got plenty of queries regarding applying for original number plates. If you don’t have original number plates and your vehicle is already registered, don’t panic! You can still get them by applying to the excise department. Follow the guidelines below :

  1. Visit nearest Excise and Tax department along with the following documents:
  • Photocopy of Registration Book
  • Photocopy of your CNIC
  • FIR (in case of  lost/stolen number plates)
  1. Fill out the form for duplicate number plates and apply. You can also download the form online through the official website. Charges for duplicate number plates are 1500 PKR for a car and 1000 PKR for a Motorbike. You will receive a text from 8070 once your number plates are available for pickup. 

Note: The number plate fee for newly registered cars and bikes is the same as above.

Now you know how to get original number plates if you have lost one. In case you have already applied for original number plates but still haven’t received them. You are not alone, many users haven’t received the original number plates in a while.  Provide the receipt of the payment to the traffic warden upon request to avoid any inconvenience.

You can also apply online for duplicate number plates through the official website of the Excise and Tax Department. So, save yourself from trouble by complying with the number plates guidelines issued by the Excise and Taxation Department Punjab. 

If you haven’t registered or transferred your vehicle or don’t know the process, read:

Motor Vehicle Registration and Transfer of Ownership in Pakistan. 

5 responses to “How to apply for the Original Number Plates?”

  1. Acha tou phir registration k waqt Jo number plates k pesy charge krty Hain or plates 3 saal sy ni dy rhy wo pesy Kahan ja thy Hain Jo awam ko again 1000 pkr dy k apply krain ,kamal ki corruption hai ,phly pesy khaty Hain phir again pesy ly k plates dain gy ,

  2. Last year in January I applied for registration of my bike and also paid charge’s for the number plates but still after one year I don’t get the plates? Now why should I pay again to get the number plates? But why? It’s your department responsibility to deliver the plates of the vehicle on time.

  3. They are providing plates after 2 years three years
    Y not to gv plates with registeration
    What’s the reason of delay
    Wardens all are rishwat khor starting from upper chain
    They have daily targets of challan and do that unfair to ppl
    Instead of using evidence through safe city they chase and put elevation and threat ppl to call other police n close the car or bike
    They should be punished to challan without evidence so as excise for not issuing timely plates

  4. First of all the charges for the number plates are taken in advance. The registration card is delivered very late and sometimes after several reminders and follow up. I don’t want to comment further because it is an open forum.
    So why don’t they start a crackdown at the excise office in order to find out why the plates and registration cards are not delivered in time. Why always against the people???

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