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Things You Should Know Before Getting A Dog

Things You Should Know Before Getting A Dog

Charles M. Schulz, creator of the famous comic strip Peanuts once said – Happiness is a warm puppy.

Phrases like “Man’s best friend” “His Master’s Voice” and the rest aren’t mere rhetoric – dogs are perhaps the most useful of all animals (beside horses and cattle) for humans. They have saved human lives in numerous circumstances and here, we are not just talking about saving people from a physical danger but mental problems as well.  Movies have been made on dogs which demonstrate that the love between dogs and humans is unmatchable. 

The very idea of owning a dog can trigger goosebumps. But owning a dog is not everyone’s cup of tea. To give you an idea of what it is like to be a new dog parent, we have written this blog. It will help all first-time dog owners to avoid any rookie mistakes that a lot of people make. 

1. Breed Research

The first and foremost thing, when it comes to buying a dog, is knowing which breed of dog you would want. From German Shepard to Labrador, there are various breeds and all of them have different characteristics. While some are aggressive, others are more inclined towards having fun. Make sure you know your lifestyle and preferences clearly before finalizing a breed. 

2. Vaccinations And Deworming

If you are planning on bringing a dog home, you should know that dogs require deworming and vaccinations as it protects them from infectious diseases. A general vaccination schedule by Livestock Punjab, a department of the Government of Punjab, is mentioned below, but it can vary with the recommendation of your veterinarian. 

Vaccination Schedule For Puppy
At the age of 18 days – Deworming
At the age of 21 days – 1St Shot (PrimaDog= Parvo)
After 21 days – 2nd Shot (PrimaDog=Parvo)
After 21 days – 3rd Shot (HexaDog/Euricane LR)
After 21 days – 4th Shot (HexaDog/Euricane LR)
Annual Booster
Vaccination Schedule For Adults
At Day 0 (start of protocol) – Deworming
At Day 7 – 1st shot (HexaDog/Euricane LR)
At Day 21 – 2nd Shot (HexaDog/Euricane LR)
Annual Booster (HexaDog/Euricane LR)

3. Lifetime Bond

Dogs are a lifetime commitment. They have a good lifespan and while many people prefer keeping dogs for a lifetime, others give them away. Even though it is not mandatory to keep the dog forever, change in ownership can be traumatic for dogs. 

So, before buying a dog, you should be devoted to pet ownership. This also involves providing love, attention, food, water and shelter to your dog. 

4. Are You Up For All The Expenses?

While it may seem easy to some people, having a dog is quite an expense. The basic care of a dog includes food, shelter, veterinary care, etc. Along with this, your dog may also require emergency care at some point in time which becomes an added expense. 

All of this requires considerable financial commitment and we suggest you only get a dog if you are ready for it. 

5. Having The Right Accessories

Before you get a dog, ensure that you buy the right accessories. These accessories will help you during the training process (if you get an untrained dog) and will also make your dog look cute. While basic accessories like dog leash, dog collar, water and food bowls, dog bed and toys cannot be skipped, some dog parents may prefer buying accessories like a bow, tie, harness, etc. 

Even if you do not want to spend excessively on accessories, make sure you get the basic ones. 

6. Check If Somebody In Your Home Is Allergic

Pet allergies are extremely common and most people do not know about it.

If you are considering getting a dog, make sure you get yourself and your family members checked. People who are allergic to dogs display different symptoms so it is always best to consult a doctor. 

7. Find The Right Veterinarian

Just like humans need a doctor, dogs need a veterinarian. It is absolutely necessary for you to find the right veterinarian for your little furry friend. It is a better idea to know of a veterinarian beforehand so that you can contact him in case of an emergency.  

Try to find a veterinarian that is closer to your home. Along with this, also check with your friends if they know of any reliable veterinarians. This will make your search process a lot simpler. 

8. Socializing Time

You may be a great friend and pet parent but do not forget that your dog would require socializing time with others as well. Take your dog for a walk everyday. This will increase the chances of your dog to become more confident and less aggressive. 

Know that daily walk sessions with your dogs are really important as it makes your dog happy and more sociable.  

9. Grooming Your Buddy

Even though your little friend may not like it and it may be time consuming for you, before getting a dog you should know that grooming sessions are essential. You can begin with shorter sessions and then slowly increase to normal grooming sessions. Make sure that your dog is nicely treated during these sessions. 

Discuss it with your vet and he will help you develop an appropriate plan keeping in mind your dog’s breed and hair type. 

10. Dog Proof Your Home

Dog proofing may not be the most common thing to do but we suggest you take it seriously. Some of the things included in dog proofing are, locking cabinets that have food, medications or any other toxic items, hiding electrical cords, keeping plants high where dogs cannot chew their leaves, etc. 

Along with this, also get down on knee level and look for any other hazards that may be present.

It is absolutely necessary that you look after your dog if you get one. Dogs become your best friends and they will put in their heart and soul to make you happy. Remember that these little buddies need a lot of love and care. 

Where Can I Buy A Dog From?

Since you are reading this, we are assuming that you would be 100% sure about your decision. Now, all you have to do is find a reliable place where dogs are available. There are different breeds available so you can choose the breed that you prefer. 

We hope that this guide will help you in making your decision. Do let us know if you ended up buying a dog or not.

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