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Benefits of Humidifier: Why is It Essential?

Benefits of Humidifier: Why is It Essential?

Do you know that moderate humidity in the air is beneficial for us in many ways? Moderate humidity levels are 30% to 60% (40%-50% most comfortable). In some areas of Pakistan, these levels are not maintained and the humidity falls below 30%. Especially in the early winter season when most of the areas in the country are dry and the air is filled with smog. That’s when Humidifiers can be extremely beneficial for us. 

What is A Humidifier?

For you who are unfamiliar with humidity, it is the amount of water vapor/content in the air. And a Humidifier is a device that releases water vapor into the air to increase humidity in a specific area. There are different types of humidifiers. The most common ones are room humidifiers in Pakistan.

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Humidifier Benefits

In Pakistan, people excessively use heaters in winter without any precautions. Excessive use of heaters in winter can dry up the air (drop in humidity levels) in your room or even in your home that can cause many health problems to you and your loved ones.

A humidifier simply moisturize the air and provide many more benefits than one can imagine. It can help prevent influenza, improve sleep quality, prevent wood damage, and provide many other advantages. Curious to know more about the benefits of a humidifier? Let’s see some of the most important ones here.

Prevent Influenza

A humidifier helps prevent influenza. As per a study, if indoor humidity levels are less than 23%, influenza’s infectivity rate (ability to infect via respiratory air droplets) is between 70%-77%. If indoor humidity is above 43%, this rate is much lower (between 14%-22%). It is because humidity levels above 40% deactivate the virus particles making them less of a threat. 

Reduced Snoring Improved Sleep

One of the main causes of snoring is dry air. It is because dryness takes the moisture out of the airways which can trigger or worsen (if the problem is already there) the snoring. A humidifier can prevent it as it maintains the moisture in the air. It helps keep your airways, especially tissues at the back of your throat moisturized which prevents irritation. 

Leave the Dryness Out

Constantly being in a dry environment can affect your skin badly. 64% of our skin is made up of water. So, appropriate humid conditions are essential to keep it healthy. In the early winter season, many of us have dry skin, chapped lips, more hair dandruff, and hair fall issues.

A humidifier can help combat them as you can ensure proper humidity levels in your room. That helps leave the dryness out (at least from your room).

Relieve Asthma, Dry Throat, and Congestion

We know that dryness in the air can irritate the throat. When a person is exposed to a dry environment for extended periods, his/her vocal cords are more likely to become dry and scratchy. That’s the reason why many of us experience a change in our voice and its tone when exposed to dry conditions for long periods. 

Dry conditions can also be bad for asthma patients and can also cause congestion if a person remains in this type of environment for a long period. So, a humidifier is there for the rescue. It can keep the humidity levels as per your requirements to prevent dry throat and congestion, and relieve asthma. 

Prevents Static Electricity

Do you know that static electricity increases during the dry winter months? It can be annoying when associated with your frizzy hair. Also, it increases the chances of sparks and builds up static can also damage sensitive electronics. The best way of protection against static is to keep your environment humid. It is another reason why a humidifier is beneficial for you and your home.

Prevent Wood Damage

Dryness can damage the wood pretty badly. Our furniture, doors, cupboards, decoration pieces, and many other items are made of wood. A constantly dry environment can cause cracks in wood, may change its size, and the joints may also lose. A humidifier can help prevent this damage by maintaining a suitable environment in your home. 

Keep the Area Warm

You must be curious to know how moisture in the air can keep the area warm instead of cold. Well! In winter, we use different methods to keep our rooms warm. If the air has more moisture, it remains warm for an extended period as compared to dry air. It is because the water molecules contain heat in them for more time. Using heaters and humidifiers both in winter is recommended as their combination provides a comfortable warm feeling. 

Beneficial for Indoor Plants

It is an important benefit of a humidifier for people who have indoor plants at home. If the air is too dry, many indoor plants suffer. It can even cause leaf loss, dry tips, and stunted growth. Using a humidifier can prevent these from happening. 

Humidifier Price in Pakistan

You can buy a humidifier at a price of Rs.800 to over Rs.10,000.


We all know the quote “where there is water there is life”. Even moderate water content in the air (humidity) is essential for healthy living. For areas or seasons when the atmosphere is dry for many days, using a humidifier is inevitable to keep your home or at least room humid. We have shown some of the many benefits of a humidifier that show how important it is especially in the dry early winter season. 

Would you buy a humidifier now? Tell us in the comment section below.

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