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Top Solar Batteries in Pakistan and Expert Tips for Choosing the Best

Top Solar Batteries in Pakistan and Expert Tips for Choosing the Best

Solar power is a sustainable and up to some extent affordable solution to combat power outages in Pakistan. Efficient energy storage through solar batteries is crucial for an uninterrupted power supply. Here, we will show you the best solar batteries in Pakistan to help you make your buying decision. We will also show the estimated solar battery price in Pakistan for this purpose.

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So, let’s start with the things to consider when buying a solar battery.

What to Consider When Buying a Solar Battery?

Here we will show you the things to consider when buying solar batteries. 

  • Battery type: Consider the cost, performance, and maintenance needs while choosing a battery type. It will assist you in making the decision that best suits your needs and budget. Lead-acid, lithium-ion batteries etc. are typical types of batteries.
  • Depth of Discharge: To balance useful energy and battery lifespan, choose a solar battery with an adequate Depth of Discharge (DoD).
  • Charge Cycles: To ensure a longer lifespan and dependable performance, look for a solar battery with a higher number of charge cycles.
  • Self-discharge: To increase the usefulness and reduce the need for frequent recharging, choose a battery with a low self-discharge rate.
  • Float current: To reduce standby power usage and increase overall system efficiency, think about a battery with a lower float current.
  • Efficiency: To obtain the most energy conversion and utilization out of your solar panels, choose solar batteries with high-efficiency ratings.

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The Ideal Battery

Here are some of the most important characteristics of an ideal battery.

  • Life Span: Long
  • Charging: Get charged fast
  • Capacity: Large
  • Life cycles: Long

Best Solar Batteries in Pakistan

Let’s see some of the most popular batteries for solar panels in Pakistan. 

Narada Lithium Battery

Narada has become the name of trust for many people due to its long-lasting lithium-ion batteries. Their performance and reliability are exceptional due to the higher energy density which allows the Narada batteries to store more in a smaller size and weight. They also have a better life span and discharge quickly without interrupting their performance. 

The price of Narada batteries varies a lot. Some may cost around 40K rupees while others may be priced at nearly 4 lacs.

PylonTech Lithium Battery

There are several reasons behind PylonTech lithium batteries’ popularity. They are designed to give supreme performance and feature a long lifespan, high energy density, and fast charging capabilities. PylonTech batteries are also versatile and compatible with numerous applications including off-grid solar panel systems and backup power supplies. 

The price of PylonTech lithium batteries varies a lot. Some of them may cost you around 2 lacs while others come at a price point of over 4 lacs.

Osaka Tubular Batteries

Osaka is one of the best solar battery brands in Pakistan. It offers multiple lineups of batteries that can be used with solar panel systems. One of them is a lead acid battery while the other one is Gel Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery (VRLA). Both of them can be used with UPS as well as solar panel systems. Dry or lithium-ion batteries are not available.

One Osaka battery can cost you around up to Rs.78,000.

Daewoo Deep Cycle Batteries

Daewoo is a relatively new entrant into the battery market. But it has gained consumers’ trust. The reason behind this is quality and reliability. Daewoo offers deep cycle batteries which can be used with the ups as well as solar panel systems. Lithium-Ion batteries for solar panel systems are not offered yet.

The price of a single Daewoo deep cycle battery is up to Rs.68,000

Phoenix Batteries

Phoenix is a renowned battery manufacturer in Pakistan. Its Tubular Deep Cycle Battery series is suitable for the solar panel system. Also, there are some other VRLA battery series which might be suitable for this purpose. So, if you choose Phoenix, you have many options. But remember that you will get lead-acid batteries from this brand. If you need li-ion batteries, you may need to consider other brands.

The price of one Phoenix battery can go up to Rs.94,000


Investing in the right solar battery is one of the crucial decisions which can help overcome power outages & lower electricity bills. We have shown some of the best batteries and tips to choose the right one. So, choose the best solar battery that meets your energy needs and budget to ensure reliable energy storage for your solar power system.

Which solar battery would you choose? Tell us in the comment section below.

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