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A Complete Guide on Buying Energy Saver Fans in Pakistan

A Complete Guide on Buying Energy Saver Fans in Pakistan

Starting from July 1, 2023, traditional fans, bulbs, tube lights and geysers will be banned from production and sale in Pakistan.

Pakistan being the fifth largest country in the world with an ever increasing population has always struggled to meet its growing energy needs. The country has experimented with hydel, nuclear, coal and now solar and wind-powered energy production. Even when the country has successfully installed infrastructure to meet its growing energy needs, it has often failed to produce electricity at cheaper or at least affordable prices. The predicament in a nutshell is while the state can meet adequate energy requirements, it can’t meet them within its meager financial means. So, what to do.

One way forward though not easy is to live within one’s means. This requires energy conservation. Simply put, if a unit of electricity costs Rs.X, which many Pakistani households and businesses can’t afford, it is better to consume less of it to make it affordable. To this end, many successive governments in Pakistan have come up with energy conservation plans.

According to the new energy efficiency plan, only energy efficient fans will be allowed for manufacturing and sale in the country. So, now the question is how do you identify an energy efficient fan? We will answer this question in this blog and also list a few available options presently available in the market with prices. 

Let’s start with the basics.

What is an Energy Saver or Energy Efficient Fan?

According to the standards set by Pakistan Standard and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA), fans which consume less than 80 Watts are energy saver fans. However, those fans which consume even less get a better rating. So, a fan which consumes less than 80 Watts gets star rating 1, while a fan which consumes between 45 – 50 Watts gets star rating 5. AC Inverter fans are also energy efficient fans. 

So, now that we have got the basics covered, let’s identify energy saver fans in Pakistan presently available in the market and find out their current average prices. 

Royal Fans

Royal Fans has a Royal Smart Lifestyle Series, which consists of both ceiling and pedestal AC/DC Inverter fans. The company claims that these fans consume less than 55 Watts, saving you as much as 60% on your fan electricity bill. A large variety of fans are available under this series and their prices range between Rs.9,000 and Rs.15,000.  

G.F.C. Fans 

G.F.C. has a Solar Fans category under which it offers a large variety of pedestal and ceiling fans. The company claims that these fans consume less than 80 Watts. Their price ranges between Rs.8,000 and Rs.9,000 though pedestal fans cost much less. 

Super Asia Fans

Unlike many of its local competitors, Super Asia does not offer a dedicated category of energy saver fans. While the company claims its fans consume minimum power, it doesn’t divulge into their Wattage. Price wise, Super Asia fans are compatible with Royal and G.F.C. fans. 

Pak Fan

In addition to this company’s AC/DC Solar Series, you’ll find energy saver fans in its Classic Series, Executive Series, Pedestal Fans, and Table Fans Series. Pak Fan’s AC/DC Solar fans series offers a variety of ceiling fans which are currently priced between Rs.9,000 and Rs.11,000. The Classic Series fans are priced between Rs.7,000 and Rs.9,000. While its Executive Series fans are priced between Rs.9,000 and Rs.15,000.

To conclude, not every fan marketed as an energy saver is actually energy-efficient; it’s important to check its wattage. Also, just because a company is claiming that its fan is an energy saver, doesn’t necessarily make it one. You should be able to verify its Wattage, which needs to be less than 80 Watts

Thanks to modern technology, a lot of present-day fans consume less than 80 Watts though they are not classified as energy savers even by their manufacturers. So, don’t just look at the fans packing or what the salesperson tells you. Look for its wattage consumption. 

Did you find this blog helpful? Do share your views with us regarding the latest energy conservation plan. In the meanwhile, take a look at the prices of new and used fans in Pakistan on OLX Pakistan.  

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