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Sunny Days and Cloudy Nights: The Benefits and Drawbacks of Solar Panels

Sunny Days and Cloudy Nights: The Benefits and Drawbacks of Solar Panels

Solar panels are becoming increasingly popular these days. With frequent power outages and increasing electricity costs, many in Pakistan are opting for solar power these days. But it is important to know the advantages and disadvantages of solar panels before you buy them so you know both sides of the coin.

So, we have gathered some of the most important drawbacks and benefits of solar panels you need to know.

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Let’s start with the benefits!

Benefits of Solar Panels

The following are the pros of solar panels.

Minimize Your Electricity Bill

Electricity bills can be a significant expense for many households in Pakistan. One of the main benefits of solar panels is that they can lower your electric bills. By generating your own power from the sunlight, you can reduce or eliminate your reliance on the grid, which can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars per year.

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Cooler Building

In the hot summer of Pakistan, keeping buildings cool can be a challenge but do you know that solar panels can help lower the temperature of your building? Well, they can help to keep your roof cool by reflecting sunlight and reducing the amount of heat absorbed. As a result, comparatively less energy will be required to cool down your building in the summer. 

Enjoy Long Lifespan

Electricity infrastructure in Pakistan may not be reliable or available in all areas. However, good-quality solar panels can be a reliable source of energy for 15 to 25 years. As a result, they help reduce dependence on the grid.

Low Maintenance Required

Do you know that occasional cleaning can keep solar panels functioning at their best for long periods? It is a major benefit for households in Pakistan that may not have access to regular maintenance or repair services or they don’t want the hassle of regular maintenance.

Option for Upgrades

In Pakistan, households generally grow and their energy needs change. No need to worry as solar panels can be easily upgraded for more power generation and to meet changing energy needs.


Adaptability is one of the main benefits of solar panels. You can install them on a variety of surfaces such as roofs, walls, or ground-mounted structures. It makes them adaptable to different types of properties in Pakistan which is why their popularity is rising even in rural areas.

Increased Home Value

Well! It is a global phenomenon that solar panels can increase the value of homes. This phenomenon may work in Pakistan as well as it can make the house more attractive to potential buyers. 

Quick ROI is Impressive

Regardless of a high upfront cost, the return on investment is pretty quick in the case of investing in a solar panel system. It can be done with savings through reduced electricity bills as well as net metering. 

Make You Independent

This benefit is self-explanatory as Solar panels allow you to generate your own power. With frequent power outages in many parts of Pakistan, it is a blessing which makes people less dependent on the grid. No matter if it is a power outage or any other emergency, you will have peace of mind due to an uninterrupted electricity supply. 

Combat Climate Change

Solar energy is a clean and renewable source of energy that helps to reduce our carbon footprint. By selecting solar panels instead of conventional electricity sources, you can do your part to combat climate change which is already affecting Pakistan very badly. 

Drawbacks of Solar Panels

Let’s see the cons of solar panels.

Vulnerable to Weather

No sunlight, no power! We know that in Pakistan, the weather changes a lot. Most solar panels are less efficient in cloudy or rainy weather compared to sunny and hot weather. It impacts their power output which shows their performance is not constant in weather conditions and time of day.

Expensive Storage Space

Solar panels store energy in batteries which is costly in Pakistan. Especially if you want Lithium-ion batteries that are mostly imported from other countries. As a result, electricity storage becomes expensive, which adds to the overall cost of solar panel installation.

Large Occupied Space

Depending upon the power requirements, solar panels require a significant amount of space to install. Due to this, they may not be feasible for some properties in Pakistan that don’t have good space on the roof or other areas. 

High Upfront Costs

Well! It is among the major drawbacks of solar panels in Pakistan. The initial cost of installing solar panels can be high depending on the energy requirements. We know that the long-term savings may offset this cost. But affordability becomes an issue for most of the low to middle income people. 


There are pros and cons to everything in the world. The selection depends on our requirements. Overall, the benefits of solar panels are much more attractive than the drawbacks. So, it’s your decision whether you should buy solar panels or go with traditional electricity sources.

Would you buy a solar panel system for the entire home or specific electronic appliances? Tell us in the comment section below.

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