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7 Most Popular Refrigerator Brands in Pakistan

7 Most Popular Refrigerator Brands in Pakistan

Staying with the topic – refrigerators in Pakistan – in this blog, we will highlight some of the most popular brands whose refrigerators you are likely to see in every household. This is our second blog on the Refrigerator Series. In the first blog, Fridge Shopping? The Complete Refrigerator Buying Guide we had informed you about how to buy a refrigerator. So, if you want to know which size, design, type and features you should look for in a refrigerator, then read the blog first. 

Here are the 7 most popular brands of refrigerators in Pakistan:

Haier Refrigerators 

LAS VEGAS – JAN 08 : The Haier booth at the CES show held in Las Vegas on January 06 2017 , CES is the world’s leading consumer-electronics show.

Haier is a Chinese brand with a subsidiary in Pakistan. Over the years, Haier has become a trusted name in the world of electronics and home appliances. It offers a large variety of refrigerators based on their type and technology in the form of Series like:

  • SBS – This series consists of twin-inverter, no frost, multi-air flow, large capacity refrigerators. 
  • E-Star – This series claims to use 125V – 260V electricity, provides faster cooling and freezing, using 1HIT Technology. 
  • Single Door – If you are looking for a small size refrigerator, look for the options in this series. 
  • T-Door – As the name suggests, it’s a side-by-side door type series, which claims no frost and smart humidity features. 
  • Smart Refrigerator – This series has a T-Door design with added features like triple cooling system, convertible zone and visible food management. 
  • Digital Inverter – This series claims to have features like humidity control system, digital control system, and sterilization technology.

Since Haier makes a large variety of refrigerators, therefore their prices vary as well. You may get a new Haier refrigerator anywhere from Rs.60,000 to Rs.350,000.  

Dawlance Refrigerators

Dawlance is a Pakistani brand, which offers a large variety of refrigerators in both traditional and inverter technologies. Dawlance refrigerators can be bought based on their types such as:

  • Single Door – Given their limited capacity, they are also the cheapest among Dawlance refrigerators, varying in price from Rs.41,000 to Rs.46,000.
  • Double Door – The biggest variety of Dawlance refrigerators are available in this design. Some of these refrigerators are also offered in inverter technology. Due to this, their price ranges between Rs.70,000 and Rs.130,000.
  • Multi Door – Dawlance offers a limited range of refrigerators in this type. As the name suggests, there are 4 doors in this type of refrigerator. They come with an inverter technology and are currently priced at Rs.245,000.
  • No Frost – Dawlance also offers a limited range of models in this series. They are inverter refrigerators, which are currently priced between Rs.285,000 and Rs.300,000.

PEL Refrigerators

Pel is another local, known and popular home appliances brand in Pakistan. Though unlike Dawlance, it does not offer a large variety of refrigerators. On the whole, they are also cheaper than Dawlance refrigerators, currently priced between Rs.42,000 and Rs.84,000. 

The company claims that its refrigerators are energy efficient and some of its models can run on UPS and solar panels, along with generators. Furthermore, the company claims that it uses purest copper to prevent rust which enhances the life of its appliances. 

Orient Refrigerators

Orient is another local brand offering a large variety of refrigerators in the market. The company divides its lineup into four categories:

  • DC Inverter – If you are interested in buying locally manufactured Inverter refrigerators, Orient is worth looking at. A large variety of refrigerators are offered in this category, varying in prices from Rs.95,000 to Rs.115,000. The company claims that some of its models consume less than 1 unit of electricity a day. 
  • Non Inverter – Among the local brands, Orient offers one of the biggest varieties of non-inverter refrigerators. However, design wise you won’t have much to choose from since only double door refrigerators are available in this category. Their prices range between Rs.65,000 and Rs.100,000. 
  • Glass Door – Refrigerators in this category range in price between Rs.70,000 and Rs.100,000. They are offered in eye-catching color schemes and are known for their aesthetics. 
  • Metallic Door – These refrigerators are made to fit in well with modern interiors. Priced from Rs.65,000 to Rs.95,000, these refrigerators are made to perform under challenging weather and temperature conditions. 

Gree Refrigerators

Gree, like Haier, is a Chinese brand with an official presence in Pakistan. Despite being an international brand, Gree’s refrigerators are competitively priced with the local refrigerators. Currently, you may get a new Gree refrigerator for anywhere from Rs.78,000 to Rs.250,000.

Gree has divided its refrigerator lineup into the following Series:

  • Everest Standard – Only double door refrigerators are available in this series. They come with a glass finish. 
  • Everest Digital – Everest Standard and Digital Series seem to be similar as only double door refrigerators are offered in these two series with glass finish. 
  • Nevada – This is the cheapest of all Gree refrigerators. Presently, only two models are offered, both are double doors. Nevada Series refrigerators come with VCM finish. 
  • Denali – This Series currently offers four models, all of them come with glass finish. Only double door refrigerators are available in this Series. 
  • Multi Door – The Multi Door Series currently only offers one model, which features side-by-side doors. It comes with an inverter compressor, LED display and touch screen interface and a whole lot of other cool features. 
  • SBS – Currently consisting of three models, Gree’s SBS Series is the most expensive. It offers only side-by-side door refrigerators, which offer a safety feature like child lock and many other cool features.   

Kenwood Refrigerators

Kenwood is a Japanese brand with an official presence in Pakistan. Kenwood offers both non-inverter and inverter refrigerators in Pakistan divided into five series.

  • New Persona Plus Glass Door Series – Only double door type refrigerators are offered in this series. Though you’ll get a variety of colors. The company claims that they are up to 35% energy efficient. 
  • New Classic Plus VCM Series – Models offered in this series are similar to the previous series with the exception that they are curvier or roundier around the edges. 
  • Invertech Glass Door Series – If you are looking for energy efficient Kenwood refrigerators then look for this series. The company claims that they are up to 60% energy efficient. However, only double door refrigerators are available in this series. 
  • Sapphire Glass Door Series – Another series of double doors, refrigerators in this series offer up to 35% energy efficiency and come with digital glass print finish. 
  • Inverter VCM Series – There is only one model available in this series and as the name suggests comes with an inverter compressor saving up to 60% energy.  

Overall, Kenwood’s refrigerator selection lacks variety, particularly when it comes to single and side-by-side door models. Kenwood refrigerator prices would vary between Rs.85,000 and Rs.125,000. 

Samsung Refrigerators

A known and popular Korean brand the world over, in Pakistan, Samsung offers refrigerators in all design types, including single, double door and side-by-side refrigerators. Some of the distinguishing features of Samsung refrigerator are:

  • 20-year warranty on the compressor (selected models)
  • Digital Inverter Technology 
  • Power freeze
  • Power mode
  • Auto ice maker
  • 5 conversion modes
  • Anti bacteria protector 

Not all of these features will be available in every model. Samsung refrigerator prices would vary between Rs.100,000 and Rs.600,000. 

Best Inverter Refrigerator in Pakistan

We have done an entire blog exclusively on this topic. So, if you are interested in knowing whether inverter refrigerators are worth buying, read the blog first and only then make your decision. 

Both local and international brands offer inverter refrigerators in Pakistan in varying sizes, colors, designs and finishes. These are the same brands which have been mentioned above. Some brands claim that their inverter refrigerators would save you as much as 60% in electricity bill.  

Best Japanese Refrigerator Brand in Pakistan

Though some consider LG and Samsung as Japanese brands (they are both South Korean),  Hitachi and Kenwood are two most popular Japanese brands in Pakistan. Kenwood refrigerators prices have already been written above, Hitachi like Kenwood, offers a big variety of refrigerators in Pakistan, ranging in price from Rs.100,000 to Rs.500,000. 

We hope you found this information helpful. Do check out OLX Pakistan’s refrigerator listings for the current prices of new and used fridges.

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