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Fridge Shopping? The Complete Refrigerator Buying Guide

Fridge Shopping? The Complete Refrigerator Buying Guide

After the stove, refrigerator or fridge is perhaps the most recognizable item in any kitchen. Ever in demand, refrigerators are offered in a variety of types, sizes, energy consumption, colors and styles. What’s more, a lot of local and international companies are offering them in Pakistan, which makes the buying decision difficult rather than easy. Hence this blog, which is being written to help you select the best refrigerator or fridge in Pakistan. 

How Big Your refrigerator Should Be?

Let’s get this basic question out of the way first before listing other important factors in detail. So, what should be the storage capacity of your refrigerator? This would depend upon your usage or size of your family. 

You need to know a refrigerator’s capacity is measured in litres (L) and cubic centimeters (cc) . The following table should help you determine the size or storage capacity of your refrigerator.

Family SizeCapacity
1 – 2 persons100L – 150L
3 – 4 persons150L – 250L
5 or more persons250+ L

Types of Refrigerators in Pakistan

Based on design and structure, refrigerators can be divided into three types:

Single Door – This is the most common type of refrigerator and therefore most recognizable. It is also the most economical option, if you’re on a budget. However, it offers limited storage capacity ranging anywhere from 165 and 280 litres. 

Double Door – As the name suggests, this type of refrigerator has separate doors for freezer and fridge. The upper section/freezer may be bigger than the freezer of a single door refrigerator. A double door refrigerator is typically energy efficient, comes with toughened glass shelves and is ideal for a family of 4. 

Side-by-Side – This is perhaps the latest design in the world of refrigerators. Other than their attractive appearance, side-by-side refrigerators offer more storage space and therefore are preferred by larger families. As the fridge section is situated on one side and the freezer on the other with their own doors, side-by-side refrigerators offer large freezer capacity. Some of these may also come with cool features like water dispensers, temperature-controlled bins and through the door ice, etc. 

Let’s summarize what’s been written above in the table form below: 

Family SizeCapacityType
1 – 2 persons100L – 150LSingle Door
3 – 4 persons150L – 250LSingle Door
5 or more persons250+ LDouble Door/Side-by-Side

Which Features Should Your Refrigerator Have?

Nowadays, refrigerators come packed with features like door-in-door, air filters, door alarm, dual evaporators, etc. Do you need all of them? Not necessarily. However, look for the following features while buying a refrigerator for yourself:

Temperature Control – Typically, refrigerators have come with manually adjustable temperature control. However, now refrigerators are being offered with automatically adjustable temperature control which alters the temperature based on the amount of food present in the refrigerator. 

Water and Ice Dispensers – These two features come built-in in many modern refrigerators, which frees up a lot of freezer space for storage. 

Toughened Glass Shelves – To store heavy items in the refrigerator, you should prefer buying the one which comes with safety or toughened glasses shelves.

Adjustable Shelves – If the shelves are adjustable, it would be easier to clean them and make more space in the refrigerator. 

Inverter Technology – While this feature is not a necessity, it is an optional but ideal addition if it fits within your budget.This technology is similar to what is used in inverter ACs where the compressor is run at varying speeds, saving energy in the process.  

We have done an entire blog exclusively on inverter refrigerators, including whether they are worth buying. If interested, check it out:

Inverter Refrigerator: Should You Buy It?

Energy Efficient

Inverter refrigerators aren’t your only option when it comes to saving energy. If you are buying a normal refrigerator, then look for its BEE ratings. This rating is on a scale of 1 to 5 stars with 5 being the most energy efficient. To illustrate this point, having a refrigerator with a 5-star rating can save you thousands of rupees per year in electricity bills. On the other hand, a refrigerator with a 1-star rating may only save you a few hundred rupees per year.


You need to know where you’ll place your refrigerator. Therefore, you need to know the size of the space where it will stand and the size of the refrigerator. This is important to avoid facing unpleasant situations like its door hitting a wall, etc. When measuring make sure you leave at least one inch of space all around for ventilation. 


Try to get a refrigerator which gels in well with other kitchen appliances. You can do this by getting a refrigerator with the right finish. Refrigerators are offered in the following finishes:

Black or White – Black or white refrigerator finish is evergreen. This is also a budget-friendly option and costs usually less than the other two options listed below. 

Stainless Steel – If you are looking for a refrigerator with a clean look, then get the one with a stainless steel finish. They are also usually smudge proof. 

Black Stainless Steel – This is a relatively new option, which resists fingerprints, making this refrigerator easier to maintain and clean. 

Other options are also available like almond and bisque but they aren’t popular. 

These were some of the things worth remembering when buying a refrigerator. Consider them as your checklist. To get a realistic idea of the current prices of new and used refrigerators in Pakistan, do check out OLX Pakistan’s listings.

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