Top 10 DIY Mirror Frame Decorating Ideas

Top 10 DIY Mirror Frame Decorating Ideas

You use a glass mirror to see your face; you use works of art to see your soul. ~ George Bernard Shaw

Shaw perfectly highlights the value of mirrors and art and how well they go together. If you are thinking of giving your house a pretty makeover, start by decorating the mirrors in your house. They are not a lot of work plus they make your house look nice. They can elevate the entire look of your dining room, living room, bedroom or whatever room you choose to place them. 

Pretty mirrors can make you and your home feel pretty. Why spend a fortune on decorating your home when you can create the things you love yourself. You do not have to be an artsy person to be DIY-ing your house to make it look fancy. Handmade mirror decoration is easy and can change the look of your house. It can show your creative side to the world. 

Your art defines you. Here are some of the easiest and cheapest mirror decoration ideas for you. It is time to get creative!

Grab your Acrylics

This simple idea can make your wall mirrors appear pretty. All you need is some acrylics and a paintbrush. Some pretty strokes across the mirror and around the corners, you have yourself an aesthetic looking mirror. You do not have to complicate the design pattern. Go as simple as you can. For starters, go with stems and little flowers or simple curvy clouds. This will give an aesthetic look to your mirror.

You can easily buy acrylic paints from OLX Pakistan and style your own mirror.

Gold Metallic Spray Paint

Simple, yet beautiful. A golden spray paint on your mirror frame would give your mirror a regal look. It would give an old classical vibe to it. Make sure to get a metallic spray instead of shiny one for a more classy look. For a neat finishing, remember to cover the mirror with paper before you start spraying!

DIY Round Flower Mirror

If you are a fan of floral themes, this would be a great idea for you. You would require a circular mirror instead of a rectangular one. Then get yourself a cardboard box and cut little circles out of it for the flower petals. Their size would depend upon the size of the mirror. 

You can paint them with any color you like. Place them on equal distance and tape them to the back of the mirror. You would have yourself a pretty flower mirror. This would be a small decorative mirror but would look cute hanging in your hallway or bedroom.

If you do not have a cardboard box or paper at your home, you can order them from OLX Pakistan. 

DIY Amethyst Decorative Mirror Frame 

This is a perfect way to add some color to and kick the boredom out of your room. A trip to the market to get some glue and some amethyst stones is all this pretty mirror would cost you. Actual amethyst stones may cost you more so try looking for the artificial ones. Glue the amethyst stones to the frame of the mirror and that’s all. The purple in amethyst would give your mirror a rich look and may even make you feel royal when you look at yourself in it.

If you want to buy amethyst stones, you can get a good deal at OLX Pakistan.

DIY Rope Mirror 

To execute this idea, all you would need is a jute rope and a glue gun. Cover the edges of the mirror by gluing the rope to it. This would work on a mirror of any size or shape. An aesthetic looking mirror made with minimal effort would be ready for you to hang in your hallway or living room.

DIY Pencil Frame Mirror 

Grab a bunch of pretty new identical pencils and glue them symmetrically around the edges of the mirror you are looking to decorate. This may not seem like the most attractive idea at first, but trust the process. It would give a simple yet fetching look.

Vinyl Word Art Mirror

Vinyl word art can be a mood changer for you everytime you stand in front of  a mirror. You can use motivational words projecting self-love like ‘You’re beautiful’, ‘I love your style’, ‘You got this’ or anything else you want. Encouraging words like these could help you start off your day on a positive note.

Measure the size of your mirror, cut out the words of vinyl accordingly and paste them on the mirror. A computer can also be used to create this word art. You can always remove and change the words whenever you feel like it.

You can easily find a large variety of vinyl paper at OLX Pakistan.

Bottle Cap Mirror Frame

As the name suggests, bottle caps on your mirror would be a wonderful idea. You would need a collection of bottle caps and glue to paste them together on the mirror. It is easy to put together and gives off more of a funky decorative mirror look. 

Tennis Racket Mirror Wall

If you are a sports person, you might have some old rackets laying around in your house somewhere. Grab them and bring them to use. Cut out the wires inside and place a circular mirror inside using glue. If the mirror does not fit, use a glass cutter for the perfect fit. Hang them in your hallway or backyard.

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DIY Celestial Moon Mirror

This moon mirror is the prettiest to hang anywhere around the house. Using white paint and a paintbrush, cover one side of the round mirror by painting half a moon on it. You do not have to worry about being neat, you can make the paint smudgy to give a more realistic look to the moon. An aesthetically pleasing decorative mirror which you would feel pretty looking into everytime is ready to be hung around the house. 

That’s all folks! These are some of the best and easiest mirror wall decor ideas we could think of for you guys! If you have any more cool ideas, comment below and share them with us.

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