Exercises to Improve Your Core

Exercises to Improve Your Core

You must have heard the saying “ Jaan hai to jahan hai”. Although it may sound dramatic, it is true. 

Contrary to popular belief, eating healthy isn’t the only thing that helps you live a long and healthy life – staying physically fit is equally important. To achieve physical fitness, people follow different kinds of routines. While some focus on hard core, daily training, others choose to have a flexible routine. 

Even though every person may have a different exercise routine, there are some exercises that help you in your daily life. To perform your daily tasks, you use your core muscles the most. Strong core muscles support your spine, help in stabilizing your body and enhance your overall fitness. Contrary to what most people believe, your core muscles not only include your abdominal muscles but the muscles around your pelvis and in your back as well. 

This guide will tell you about some core strengthening exercises that you can easily perform at home. 


Bridge is one of the most common exercises for core strengthening. It is used by advanced level fitness enthusiasts as well as beginners. Bridge helps you strengthen your core while toning your thighs and butt. 



Crunches are one of the most simple core strengthening exercises. When you are doing crunches, you move only your upper body which works for your abdominal muscles. 


If you have any kind of back pain, make sure you perform this exercise slowly and with care. However, if your back pain is chronic, make sure you talk to a doctor or your trainer before doing it. 

Bicycle Crunch

As the name suggests, bicycle crunches are a variation of regular crunches. They are great for your rectus abdominis and hips. Bicycle crunches give you a feeling of doing crunches while riding a bicycle. 


Bird Dog

Bird dog is one of the best core strengthening exercises as it engages your abdominal as well as your back muscles. It also strengthens your stability, coordination and balance. 



Plank is a full body exercise which targets your core. Along with core muscles, it also strengthens your arms, back, glutes, legs and shoulders. 


To perform a plank you may need a yoga mat and if you want to buy one at a reasonable price, make sure you have a look at the yoga mats available at OLX Pakistan’s website

Side Plank with Rotation

This is a variation of a regular plank. It combines an arm movement with a plank which strengthens your shoulders, arms and oblique muscles. 


Supine Toe Tap

This may sound too fancy and something that is too difficult to perform, but don’t worry as it is easy.  

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Supine Toe Tap is a basic Pilates exercise which engages your core muscles while working your hips, glutes and legs. Toe taps also put minimum pressure on your spine which makes them ideal for people who have back pain and are unable to perform crunches.

Warrior Crunch

Warrior Crunch is  a variation of crunches. It is an intermediate level core exercise which works for your core as well as your lower body, including glutes, thighs and quads. 

Mountain Climber

Mountain climber is another popular core strengthening exercise which is a combination of a plank and knee movements. It helps you in your core strength as well as improving your balance. 


Turkish Get-up

Turkish Get-up involves full body movements which is a great way of increasing spinal stabilization as well as improving mobility in your lumbar spine, thoracic spine and hips. It is also an excellent way of increasing the strength in the ab muscles as well as your shoulders. 


When you start doing this exercise, make sure you start without any weights. Gradually start with weights when you are sure that your shoulders are stable enough to handle weights. 

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Whichever exercise you go for, make sure you consult your trainer first. 

That is about it!

We hope that this guide was helpful and it would help you move forward towards your fitness journey.

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