13 Must Have Road Trip Essentials

13 Must Have Road Trip Essentials

There is nothing better than taking some time off from your monotonous routine and going on a road trip with your friends and family. Be it a camping trip or just some time away at a rented cottage, the peace of mind that you get on a road trip is unmatched. 

More than the destination, road trips are all about the journey. Jamming on your favorite songs, playing games, munching on your favorite snacks, enjoying the beauty of nature and spending quality time with your loved ones are what road trips are all about!

However, in order to make this journey worth it, there is a travel item list that we recommend. You may also add or subtract things according to your preferences. 

1. Paperwork

While some people prefer to drive themselves, others prefer to rent a car and a driver.


If you are someone who would like to drive then one of the most important things to keep before you jump in your car is the paperwork. This includes your driver’s license, your car’s registration papers and the car manual. A car manual is an instructional book which contains all the information that you may need to troubleshoot car problems. 

2. First Aid Kit

Another extremely important road trip essential is a first aid kit for minor injuries. If you are preparing a first aid kit yourself, make sure it has all the basic supplies like band-aids, antiseptic bandages, pain killers, etc. 


All of these things can be of extreme help when you are in the wild and the nearest town is at least 100km away. 

3. A Good Playlist

Some people say a good playlist is what makes a road trip worth it! So, do not forget to compile a good playlist. 


It is better if you do not rely on your mobile data and download all the songs beforehand so that you do not have any dull moments because of connectivity issues. Make sure you consider everyone’s choices while creating a playlist so that there is no unnecessary fuss.  

4. A Whole Lot of Munchies

Do not forget to add food and drinks to your road trip packing list because what is a road trip without those yummy munchies?


Having food and drinks with you will help you satisfy your cravings when you don’t know where the next rest stop is. Depending on what your preferences are you can pick and choose the snacks that you would like to have. We prefer to have a combination of chocolates, crisps, biscuits, jellies, some dry fruits, etc. 

If you prefer healthy eating options, carry fruits, cereal bars or any other high protein snacks of your choice. 

5. Drinkable Water

While you are picking and choosing which snacks you would like to take along, do not forget that it is extremely important to stay hydrated as well. Make sure you carry water bottles with you. 


Remember to keep a few extra bottles of water so that you do not fret about the limited supply of drinkable water coming to an end. 

6. Board and Card Games

Contrary to what most people believe, card games are not just for kids!

Nobody knows what a road trip has in store for you – traffic issues, a punctured tyre, etc.  So it is always a great idea to fall back on classic games. You may choose to take along board games or card games, depending on what your preferences are. 


These games will keep your spirits high and keep you entertained throughout the journey. 

7. Tech Gadgets

To stay connected with the world while you’re on the road, you need tech gadgets. We are obviously talking about the mobile phone. However, mobiles phones can die down on you especially when you need them the most. To avoid this, get a power bank and a wireless internet device. Along with this, we also suggest you keep a Bluetooth speaker so that you can keep jamming to your favorite songs even when you are outside of your car.


Having tech gadgets does not mean that you have to glue yourself to them. When you are on a road trip, try to enjoy the experience as much as you can by keeping these gadgets at bay. 

8. Extra cash

Having extra cash can never be a bad idea because cash is still the king at many places. 


Road trips are usually very unpredictable. Your forecast may not predict it but it may start raining, leading to landslides, blocking roads,  which may lead you to extend your trip. There are chances that you may run out of essential supplies and in such a scenario, you will need those extra bucks to help you get a place to live and buy necessary items like food and water.

9. Everyday Essentials

Everyday essentials are important when it comes to packing for road trip adventures. Everyday essentials can include things like toothbrush, toothpaste, hand soap, a moisturizer, tissue paper, wipes, etc.


Not to forget that sunscreen is also extremely important no matter if you are traveling somewhere cold or warm. Along with this, if you are a makeup lover, you can also choose to keep makeup products that you may need.

10. Pillow and Blankets

Most part of road trips are spent in cars, so you have to make sure that you transform it into a moving home. Try to make it as comfortable as possible. 


Carry some blankets and pillows so that you stay comfortable as well as warm. 

11. Carry an Umbrella/Raincoat

Even if you are a master trip planner, there are certain things that are out of your control and weather conditions are one of them. 


Although most of us plan our road trips keeping in mind the weather conditions, yet there are times when the weather changes unexpectedly. For example, you should always carry an umbrella and raincoat when it starts raining unexpectedly. 

Want to buy a raincoat online? Vist OLX Pakistan’s website. 

12. Sunglasses or Sunhat

To protect yourself from the scorching heat, it is always a great idea to carry a pair of sunglasses or a sunhat. Not only will these accessories make the heat bearable for you, but they will also play a great role in amping up your overall look.


If you are interested in buying sunglasses online, you can visit OLX Pakistan’s website. 

13. A Backpack

Like Dora, all of us need a backpack when going on road trips. You can use this backpack to keep your essentials, like sunscreen, water bottle, etc. especially if you plan to go hiking.


We hope that this guide will help you pack your pick and choose essentials for your road trip. Do let us know if you have any other suggestions. 

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