Why Aftermarket Car Sound Systems Are the Way to Go

Why Aftermarket Car Sound Systems Are the Way to Go

Unless you’re buying an Aston Martin, Bentley or Lamborghini, which usually come fitted with Bang & Olufsen sound system, some say the best in the world, chances are your car’s sound system is less than impressive. If you’re a true music lover, you would want a sound system that produces best, not better, sound quality. 

In addition to powerful amplifiers and speakers for increased volume, you would want a system that better integrates with your car’s electronics for a comfortable and smooth ride. In short, you would look for a sound system that produces best sound quality but also excels in non-music functions. You would find none of these qualities in any factory-fitted, run of the mill sound system that most of our locally assembled cars come with. 

In this blog, you’ll find useful information on installing an aftermarket sound system in your car and how to select the best one for yourself. 

The Top Benefits of Upgrading to an Aftermarket Car Sound System

Let’s take a quick look at some of the many pros of an aftermarket car sound system:

  1. Better Sound Quality – This is the most obvious. The sound system that you would choose is likely to be louder than what your car came with but also a system that produces a cleaner and richer sound.
  1. More Choices – Your car’s factory-fitted sound system may not play high resolution music files, support iPhone or Android phone connection, bluetooth connection, GPS navigation and more. While most, if not all, of these functions would be supported by the system you choose for your car.   
  1. Connectivity – Your factory-fitted sound system may not offer USB connections and audio/video outputs, etc. These features and much more is offered in many aftermarket sound systems.  
  1. Cooler Interior – While not the biggest advantage of installing an aftermarket sound system, there is no denying some systems have high-tech displays, which can brighten up your car’s interior. This would translate into a better ride experience as well. Some sound systems offer customizable color schemes which can further accentuate your car’s cabin’s color scheme, etc.  

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What To Look For When Buying An AfterMarket Sound System

Some of the benefits or advantages written above are also what you should look for when buying an aftermarket sound system. However, there are some more factors to consider in your buying decision. But before everything else, ask yourself – why do I need an aftermarket sound system? What is it which is lacking in my factory-fitted system? What do I hope to gain with the installation of an aftermarket sound system? 

Answering these questions will automatically guide you in the right direction. However, keep in mind the following as well:

  1. It Should Fit Perfectly – Installation of a new sound system would require taking out the existing one. Therefore, both of them need to be of the same size. This factor alone will further narrow your choices, which while limiting is also beneficial.
  1. Source of Music – It is absolutely imperative to know how you prefer to listen to your music. If you’re old school, you’d prefer to listen to radio, including FM radio, etc. If so, look for a sound system with an HD radio tuner. If you listen to music from your phone, your aftermarket sound system must have Bluetooth streaming capability.  
  1. Think Beyond Music – As written above, your sound system can produce more than great quality sound. It can, for example, help you get from point A to B with the help of Google Maps, etc. Bluetooth connectivity can help you talk on the phone while driving hands-free. 
  1. Android & Apple – Your new sound system must connect with your phone, irrespective of whether it’s an iPhone or an Android phone. If you own an Android phone, downloading Android Auto on your sound system’s screen will connect your phone with your car’s electronics, helping you make calls, text messages, use Google Maps, and music apps, etc. If you use an iPhone, download CarPlay.  

According to one estimate, around 5% of the global population suffers from musical anhedonia, a condition which deprives a person from seeking pleasure from music. The remaining 95% enjoy listening to music. Having a great sound system in your car is therefore a must. However, there are many aftermarket sound systems in the market and it is often hard to find the right one for yourself. After reading this blog, hopefully you would know what to look for when buying a sound system and speakers in Pakistan.  

Let us know if you found these tips useful. For comments and suggestions, please leave a message below. 

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