Top 7 Types of Speakers

Top 7 Types of Speakers

Once considered a luxury, speakers have now become more of a necessity. Be it a shopping mall, an airport, a classroom or a stadium, every place requires a speaker. Over the past few decades, speakers have advanced technologically. They offer a wide variety which is useful for multiple purposes like making announcements or listening to music. 

High-pitched means high-frequency. Every type of speaker supports a different frequency and sound quality. When buying a speaker, it is important to know what your requirements are so you can get a speaker which suits best of your interests.

Types of Speakers

Here is a list of some of the best and most common types of speakers.


Did you know, the term woofer comes from the sound of a dog’s bark (woof)? Woofer, or more commonly known as loud speakers or bass speakers are responsible for producing low frequency sounds. They are wonderful at handling solid bass and heavy music. Woofers are mostly used in cinemas.

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In comparison to a woofer, a subwoofer supports an even lower audio frequency range. It enhances the bass of your audio much more and reproduces an intensified sound, giving a clearer and a richer result. A home theater would be a good use for these speakers. Subwoofers can make listening to songs or watching movies more enjoyable. 


  • Powered
  • Passive


Treble speaker is another name for tweeter. A tweeter, as the name suggests, can handle sounds as shrill as a bird’s tweet. It is small in size and is designed to support high pitched sounds with frequency up to 20kHz. Tweeters can reproduce ear-piercing sounds efficiently. They can be used as a car speaker. The audio would not sound flat with this speaker. Listening to music with high notes can be delightful with these speakers.


  • Corn tweeter
  • Dome tweeter
  • Horn tweeter

Sound Bars 

Sound bars are the most convenient speakers to use if you want to enhance the audio quality and volume range of your tv. They have a slim and sleek shape. Sound Bars can be placed vertically or horizontally beside or beneath the tv. They are budget friendly and can provide a fuller experience by enhancing the overall sound system.

In-Wall Speaker

If you do not want your speakers to take up extra space in your room, you can opt for in-wall speakers. They are embedded into or mounted onto your wall. They offer a high quality sound and listening music can prove to be pleasurable.  

Wireless Speaker

Wireless speakers are small enough to fit in a jeans pocket or a purse. They are portable and can be carried anywhere around the house or outside the house. They require wi-fi or bluetooth connectivity to function. These speakers come with rechargeable batteries and offer good sound quality. With these, you can enjoy music whenever and wherever you want.

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Outdoor Speaker

If you are willing to listen to music outside of your house, outdoor speakers are your go-to. These speakers are specially designed with material which can survive harsh temperatures, humidity and rainy weather. Outdoor speakers allow you to relax by the pool or in your backyard. They are durable and offer a quality experience.

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What other types of speakers do you know about? Which type suits you best? Let us know in the comments below.

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