Road King Hybrid Bike: Will It Be Pakistan’s 1st Hybrid Motorcycle?

Road King Hybrid Bike: Will It Be Pakistan’s 1st Hybrid Motorcycle?

Road King Motorcycles is a well-known name in the two-wheeler industry and is planning to launch its first hybrid electric bike. The company claims that this will be Pakistan’s first hybrid bike, although a previous blog post in February 2023 mentioned a similar claim made by Ride Star Hybrid Bike. It seems that Road King’s upcoming bike closely resembles Ride Star’s hybrid bike, but there may be some differences in specifications. Keep reading to learn more about the features, specs, and expected price of Road King’s hybrid bike in Pakistan.


The hybrid electric bike will be available in two models – 70cc and 125cc, but both models will have a 70cc engine. The design of these two models is not particularly unique, as their main feature is the hybrid engine that combines a petrol engine and an electric motor. Let’s take a closer look at these two models.

Specs & Features

These bikes are equipped with a 1500W lithium-ion electric motor that takes 2.5 hours to fully charge. With a single charge, they can cover a distance of 80-90 km and have a top speed of 70 km/h. The electric motor powers the front wheel, which can be activated when the petrol engine runs out. Similar to a regular motorcycle, a hybrid motorcycle has a rear wheel hub with a chain drive and an added electric motor that saves space and weight. If you run out of petrol, you can switch to battery power and travel up to 60-70 km, but you cannot recharge the battery while riding.

Road King Hybrid Bike Price in Pakistan

As mentioned above, Road King Hybrid bikes will be available in two models:

  • 70cc look – Rs.260,000
  • 125cc look – Rs.280,000

These bikes are expected to launch in May 2023. If you are interested in booking these bikes, call this number: 0317-1707455. For other Road King bikes in Pakistan, check out OLX Pakistan’s listings. 

Compared to the Ride Star hybrid bike, would you prefer buying one of these bikes? Let us know your feedback. 

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Image credits: Road King FB page

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