Road Prince Bikes’ Prices in Pakistan Increased (2023)

Road Prince Bikes' Prices in Pakistan Increased (2023)

Road Prince bike price in Pakistan has once again been raised. It is worth reminding our readers that the same had increased the prices of its entire fleet on February 1, February 16 and now on May 9, 2023.

This increase comes in the wake of all other major motorcycle assemblers increasing the prices of their entire lineups. Unsurprisingly, all bike assemblers blame fluctuating foreign exchange rate and the prevailing economic uncertainty in the country as the main reasons behind these price hikes. Here, are the latest Road Prince bike prices in Pakistan.

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Let’s see the new prices of the Road Prince bikes in Pakistan.


The new Road Prince bikes prices in Pakistan are effective from 9 – May – 2023.

Getting a new bike might be a distant dream for many, so would you buy a used Road Prince bike now? Tell us in the comment section below.

Previous Price Hike (16-July-2022)

Road Prince 70 Previous Price Hike

ModelsOld Price (Rs.)New Price (Rs.)Price Difference (Rs.)
Passion 7073500760002500
Classic 7079500820002500
Passion Plus 7083500860002500

Road Prince 100cc Previous Price Hike

Models Old Price (Rs.) New Price (Rs.) Price Difference (Rs.)
Power Plus 10078000805002500
Power Plus 11081500840002500
Jackpot 11081500840002500

Road Prince 125 Previous Price Hike

Models Old Price (Rs.) New Price (Rs.) Price Difference (Rs.)
Shift 1251120001150003000

*These bikes prices were effective from 16-July-2022

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