Most Listed Car Models On OLX Pakistan

Most Listed Car Models On OLX Pakistan
Cars and other automobiles constitute a big portion of the total listings on OLX Pakistan. With new automobile manufacturers entering the auto sector of Pakistan, these listings are expected to increase. Over the past few years, the large number of imported Japanese cars have also taken over the auto sector of Pakistan. Following are the car models that are popular on OLX Pakistan:
Toyota Corolla
Toyota Corolla has dominated the compact sedan segment of Pakistan for a very long time and it continues to do so to this date. The reason behind its popularity is the availability of affordable spare parts and maintenance services virtually everywhere in Pakistan, even in remote villages. The tough nature of the car means you can take it anywhere in the country and it will not disappoint you. Visit the link below to find listings on OLX:
Honda City
Honda City has been the rival of Corolla ever since its inception in the auto sector of Pakistan. The car is more suited to the urban and city environment and has a smaller body size compared to that of the Corolla. Nevertheless, it is still a very popular car in the segment and if you invest in one, your money will surely remain intact. Visit the link below to find listings on OLX:
Toyota Vitz
A few year ago, Vitz entered as a foreign-manufactured imported Japanese car in Pakistan. People were amazed at the number of cool new features that if offered at an affordable price. Hence, the sales figures rose and nowadays it is enjoying a strong share of the auto sector in Pakistan even though it is not locally manufactured. Visit the link below to find listings on OLX:
Suzuki Cultus
If you have ever wanted to move up the car ownership ladder to buy something a bit bigger and comfortable from the Suzuki Mehran, you must have thought about the Suzuki Cultus. The current model offers much more than what you can find with a Mehran; however, in the previous model only space and engine performance were the key differentiating features. Visit the link below to find listings on OLX:
Suzuki Mehran
Suzuki Mehran has been a very successful and popular car among budget buyers of Pakistan. With its history stretching back as far as the 1980s, its parts and maintenance services are available almost everywhere in Pakistan. However, people do complain about the lack of amenities and features in the car and the fact that the design language has remained unchanged for a very long time is unacceptable to some of the budget buyers. This is the reason that some buyers seek to own a Japanese imported car rather than an 8-lac rupees Mehran. Visit the link below to find listings on OLX:
If you are looking for buying or selling a car, visit OLX Pakistan and find a number of options and choose the one that best suits your taste and budget. OLX Pakistan provides you the opportunity to meet with a large number of buyers and sellers online. Moreover, on OLX Pakistan there are numerous categories including property, vehicles, electronics and home appliances, fashion and clothes and even animals.

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