KIM – Pakistan’s First Automotive Digital Expert

The South Korean giant has once again surprised the industry with a move that will surely inspire other automakers. KIA Motors aims to drive digital transformation in Pakistan with the launch of the first ever Automotive Digital Expert KIM (KIA Intelligent Messenger). KIM is powered by infobip, a multinational European company that provides innovative tech solutions. Setting the standards of customer services high, KIA has made a technological breakthrough in the auto industry making the competition intense. 

In total Pakistan has 176 million users of cellular services, from which 91 million are 2G/4G users and 40-45% are WhatsApp users. The queries of these users can be effectively addressed with KIM. It will also enable brands to initiate two way communication with customers and create greater shared value.

KIA has pioneered this innovation augmenting its digital services portfolio in Pakistan. The company focuses on providing users a seamless experience by facilitating them with an intelligent digital assistant.

A verified WhatsApp account has been set up with the KIM chatbot. The digital aide responds to all customer queries, including requests like exploring the all new Sorento, downloading brochures and looking for a dealership nearby.

Adapting to the modern way of working, introduction of interactive front-end technologies means the right information will reach the customer at required times, with reduced chances of error. An additional advantage of the service is that it is available 24/7 and can be utilized at any time the customer deems suitable.

In an era of constant revolution and pressing needs, KIM is a valuable resource for customers.

To benefit from this service, reach us through the following channels

  1. Adding the number 0303-5425420 (KIA KIA 0)
  2. Following the link:
  3. Scanning the QR code below 
C:\Users\shahzeb.hasan\Desktop\Whasapp For Business\Content for message flow\KIA QR Code.png

4. Visit the KIA Motors Facebook page and click on the WhatsApp button

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