Buy KIA Sportage on Installments With Limited Time Offer

Buy KIA Sportage on Installments With Limited Time Offer

Great news if you were looking to buy a KIA Sportage! The company has introduced an equal monthly installment (EMI) offer for all Sportage variants. With this KIA installment plan, you can drive away in a Sportage with EMIs as low as Rs. 209,722. Interested in the details? Let’s see them here!

KIA Sportage Installment Plan (Equal Monthly Installments)

You might be wondering about the specifics of the KIA Sportage installment plan and whether the price remains the same with the EMI option. The truth is, the price is slightly higher when opting for the EMI plan compared to buying the Sportage with full payment. Here’s a detailed breakdown to make everything clear:

  • Down Payment: 50%
  • Tenure: 18 Months
ModelEx-Factory Price
Ex-Factory Price
Down Payment
Outstanding Amount
Monthly EMI
(18 Months)
Sportage AlphaPKR 7,300,000PKR 7,550,000PKR 3,775,000PKR 3,775,000PKR 209,722
Sportage FWDPKR 7,740,000PKR 7,990,000PKR 3,995,000PKR 3,995,000PKR 221,944
Sportage AWDPKR 8,470,000PKR 8,720,000PKR 4,360,000PKR 4,360,000PKR 242,222
Sportage Limited EditionPKR 9,000,000PKR 9,250,000PKR 4,625,000PKR 4,625,000PKR 256,944
Photo Credits: KIA Pakistan’s Facebook Page


This limited-time offer from KIA is a strategic move to boost sales. Even though the EMI plan has a slightly higher price, it’s still an attractive deal considering the current economic situation. Remember, this offer is for a limited time, so grab it before it’s gone! If you’re still concerned about your budget, consider buying KIA Sportage on OLX where great deals await.

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What are your thoughts on this Installment offer by KIA? Will it be able to boost the company’s sales? Share your opinion in the comment section below.

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Photos Credits: KIA Pakistan

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