Karachi Traffic Police Providing Free Vehicle Repair Service

Karachi Traffic Police Providing Free Vehicle Repair Service

In the storm of bad news, here is great news for people of Karachi. City traffic police is offering free vehicle repair service to facilitate the public during the monsoon season. This will also help maintain a smooth flow of traffic. 

The monsoon season is about to start in Pakistan. In the past, Monsoon rains have clogged up traffic in Karachi, leaving motorists stranded on the roads for hours. To counter this situation, DIG Traffic has introduced this service for free to help people and keep the traffic flow smoothly. For this purpose, 26 vehicles are patrolling the city with basic repair equipment that can fix minor problems. 

What Is Included in Free Vehicle Repair Service?

26 vehicles patrolling the city will offer the following services,

  • Tire puncture fixing and reinflation
  • Car towing
  • Jump starting the car
  • Extinguishing car fires
  • Refueling (enough to travel to the nearest petrol station) for bikes and cars
  • Some other minor fixes

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How to Avail This Service?

Karachi Police has established a special unit associated by Madadgar 15. It means citizens can avail this service 24 hours a day and 7 days a week by calling 15.  

Do you think all the major cities of Pakistan should have this kind of free vehicle repair service? Tell us in the comment section below. 

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