How to Remove and Prevent Rust From Your Car

How to Remove and Prevent Rust From Your Car

As they say – first impressions last forever. 

This saying is true for human nature but we believe that it also holds importance when it comes to cars. Nobody would want to have an expensive car and be happy with it looking dirty. 

Rust looks bad. It gradually spreads on your car and destroys its overall appearance. It not only destroys your car’s appearance but also sends it to grave much earlier than expected. 

It may be difficult to avoid rust completely, but you can surely remove it at the right time.

Following are the steps that you need to follow to remove rust from your car. But before you start with the process, make sure you have a few things including rust removal spray, scoring pad, sandpaper, stainless steel brush, gloves, dust mask, eye protection, sanding disc, etc. 

Now, let’s help you remove rust from your car:

Step 1: Wash the Area With Car Wash Soap

The first step is to clean the area with automotive soap. This will help you remove oil, dirt or any other contaminants present in that area. 


Once you are done with washing the rusty area nicely, make sure you dry it before moving onto the next step.

Step 2: Mask Off the Other Areas

It may not be of common knowledge but rust spreads like bacteria. If any part of your car has rust, make sure you contain it to that specific area by masking off the rest of the metal areas. This will help you focus on the area that contains rust. 

Step 3: Use a Rust Removal Spray

There are many rust removal sprays available in the market. No matter which brand you are using, make sure you follow the directions carefully.


Step 4: Use Sandpaper for the Remaining Rust 

If you have followed the directions correctly, most of the rust present on your car would be gone. However, if there is still some rust remaining, you can remove it using sandpaper. 


All you have to do is use the sandpaper in straight strokes in the same direction. It will not only help you focus on the removal of dust but will also minimize scratching. 

While you are using the sandpaper, stop after every few minutes to clean the area and inspect the condition. You can use a microfiber cloth to wipe the area. 

If you are interested in buying microfiber cloth online, you can get it from OLX Pakistan’s website. 

Step 5: Wash the Area With a Degreasing Soap or Agent

Once you have removed the rust, you need to clean the area nicely. You can use a degreasing soap or agent for this purpose. This will help you remove the rust residue and other contaminants. Once you clean it with soap, make sure you rinse and dry the area. 


Step 6: Use an IPA Solution

This is an optional step. Some people use a tack cloth as a pre-paint applicator which will remove contaminants or dust from the surface. You can then use an IPA solution and clean it with a microfiber towel. 

Step 7: Spray Primer

If the rust is covered in paint, use sandpaper to layer it off. Once that is done, spray primer over the entire section. Remember to spray it evenly. 

Use a metal clear coat if there is any bare metal present. 

While we have discussed the steps to get rid of rust, let’s see what are some of the things that can be done to prevent it.

How to Prevent Car Rust

Following are some preventive measures that you should take:

Wash Your Car Regularly

Washing your car regularly makes a big difference. While dirt does not cause rusting, it does damage the protective layer of your car. This makes your car prone to rust. 


Keep an Eye on the Paint

Make sure that your car’s paint is not chipping or peeling as it will make it easy for the rust to form. 


Wax Your Car

Wax adds an extra layer of protection between your car’s paint and the moisture that causes rust. Make sure you get your car waxed twice a year to reduce the chances of rust. 


If you want to buy car wax online, you can get it from OLX Pakistan.

Keep the Interior Clean

We know this may not be common knowledge but whenever you spill something in your car, make sure you clean it. For example, if you spill a liquid in your car, it will sink into the carpet of the floor and will seep into the metal. 


This can become a potential cause of rust. 

That is about it!

We hope this blog was helpful. It will answer some of your questions like “how to remove rust on car doors”, “how to get rid of rust on car frames”, etc. 

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