Surprise Arrival: Honda’s BENLY e Electric Scooter Hits Pakistan

Surprise Arrival: Honda's BENLY e Electric Scooter Hits Pakistan

Whether you want to call it a soft launch or just a big reveal, Honda has rolled out its electric two-wheeler, the BENLY e, in Pakistan. It’s not a full launch, more like a sneak peek. The word on the street is that it might take about a year before hitting local streets. Some reports suggest that Honda is just testing the waters & is currently focusing on organizations with big fleets, like delivery and courier services.

Anyways, if you are curious about the Honda electric scooter BENLY e price in Pakistan, specs, and features, stick around. We have got the details coming your way.

Honda E Scooter BENLY e Specs & Features

The international Honda BENLY e scooter rolls out in 4 variants. Now, let’s break down their specs and features.


  • BENLY e: I
  • BENLY e: I Pro
  • BENLY e: II 
  • BENLY e: II Pro


  • Total length: 1,820 [1,840 Pro variants] mm
  • Overall width: 710 [780 Pro variants] mm
  • Overall height: 1,025 [1,050 Pro variants] mm
  • Wheelbase: 1,280 mm
  • Minimum ground clearance: 115 mm
  • Seat height: 710
  • Vehicle weight: 125 [130 Pro variants] kg
  • Riding capacity: 1 Person
  • Carrier rack loading capacity: 30kg (BENLY e: I) & 60kg (BENLY e: II)
  • Minimum turning radius: 1.9m
  • Motor model: EF07M (BENLY e: I), EF10M (BENLY e: II)
  • Maximum output: 2.8kW or 3.7 hp @3,000rpm (BENLY e: I), 4.2 kW or 5.6 @3,900rpm (BENLY e: II)
  • Maximum torque: 13 N.m @2000 rpm (BENLY e: I), 15 N.m @1,500 rpm (BENLY e: II)
  • Range: Up to 100km per charge
  • Battery: Li-Ion
  • Charging Time: Around 6hrs
  • Brake type: Mechanical leading and trailing
  • Suspension: telescopic type (front) & unit swing type (rear)

Features & Equipment

  • LED headlights
  • Digital speedometer
  • Combination brakes
  • Reverse assist function
  • Accessory socket (for charging)
  • Key cylinder with shutter
  • Inner pocket
  • Front hook
  • Front Basket
  • Alloy Rims
  • Foot brake
  • Rear brake lock knob
  • Knuckle guard

Honda Electric Scooter BENLY e Price in Pakistan

The Honda BENTLY e: I electric scooter comes with a price tag of around 649,000 yen (~Rs.1.25M) in Japan. This includes taxes and equipment, featuring two Honda Mobile Power Pack e and two Honda Power Pack Charger e for the vehicle itself and operation.

As for Pakistan, the official price hasn’t been revealed, but there’s talk of it landing at around 9 lakhs. This speculation might not include one power pack and charger.

Vehicle body (BENLY e: I)363,000 yen (~Rs.7 lacs)
Honda Mobile Power Pack e (1 piece)88,000 yen (~Rs.1.7 lacs)
Honda Power Pack Charger e (1 piece)55,000 yen (~Rs.1 lac)

Here is the price comparison for different variants of BENLY e.

VariantPrice (In Japan)
BENLY e: I649,000 yen (~Rs.1.25M)
BENLY e: I Pro660,000 yen (~Rs.1.28M)
BENLY e: II 649,000 yen (~Rs.1.25M)
BENLY e: II Pro660,000 yen (~Rs.1.28M)

You can buy other electric bikes & scooters at a much lower price.


Looking at the price and what this bike can do, it doesn’t really fit well here. Almost 1 million rupees for a bike that’s supposed to carry stuff? That’s a bit much for us. It can only handle up to 60 kg, which isn’t a lot. And guess what? There are some cheaper 3-wheelers that can carry way more stuff. Even if we look at regular e-bikes or e-scooters, this one’s price just doesn’t seem fit for the local market.

According to various reports, it looks like this e-scooter is just here for testing and will be offered to some food delivery and courier services. However, it might not be the best fit for even these companies as well. The main issue is the cost these businesses would have to bear just to get these e-scooters. So, we’ll have to wait and see how this electric scooter performs in the real world for businesses. Let’s see if the company decides to officially sell it in the market. 

Now, we would love to hear from you! What do you think about Honda’s electric scooter? Drop your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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