Haval Jolion HEV Vs. Toyota Corolla Cross HEV: A Detailed Comparison

Haval Jolion HEV Vs. Toyota Corolla Cross HEV: A Detailed Comparison

The automotive landscape in Pakistan is witnessing a fascinating transformation, with a notable shift towards sustainable and fuel-efficient hybrid vehicles. Riding this wave, Haval has introduced a hybrid variant of the Jolion, priced under 1 crore rupees. But what about Toyota’s contender, the Corolla Cross HEV, which falls within the same price range? Let’s dive into a detailed comparison between the Haval Jolion HEV and the base variant of the Toyota Corolla Cross HEV, starting with their body and dimensions.

Body and Specs

Let’s kick things off by comparing their body size, wheelbase, and ground clearance to get a sense of which hybrid car stands out in terms of dimensions:

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DimensionHaval Jolion HEV Toyota Corolla Cross HEV 
Length4475 mm  4460 mm
Width1841 mm1825 mm
Height1619 mm1620 mm
Wheel18-inch Alloy  17-inch Alloy 
Wheelbase2700 mm2640 mm
Seating Capacity5 Person5 Person

The Haval Jolion HEV edges slightly ahead in terms of length, width, and wheelbase, giving it a slight advantage in the body comparison.

Haval Jolion Hybrid VS Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid: Engine & Performance

Now, let’s dive into the heart of these hybrids: their engines and performance metrics:

SpecificationHaval Jolion HEV                Corolla Cross HEV  
Engine Displacement1497cc    1798cc
Power190 hp167 hp
Torque375 Nm  305 Nm
TransmissionDHT                                        CVT
DrivelineFWD FWD 

Despite its smaller engine size, the Haval Jolion impresses with higher power and torque figures, making it the clear winner in terms of performance.

Which of the Two is the Safest?

You wouldn’t simply opt for a hybrid car based solely on its fuel efficiency or aesthetics. Ensuring a safe driving experience is equally crucial. Now, let’s compare which of these two cars offers a more comprehensive array of safety features.

FeaturesHaval JolionToyota Corolla Cross HEV 
Electronic Brake-Force Distribution (EBD)
Brake Assist (BA)
Anti-Theft Alarm System
Hill Start Assist Control
TJA (Traffic Jam Assistance
Traction Control
Event Data Recorder
Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)
RCW (Rear Collision Warning)
ELK(Emergency Lane Keeping)
Automatic Collision Unlock Function
Driver Drowsiness Detection
Collision Fuel Shutoff System
Automatic Collision Unlock Function
Car Locating Function
Keyless Entry System
LCA (Lane Change Assist)

While both cars offer essential safety elements, the Haval Jolion HEV comes with additional safety features, enhancing its overall safety profile.

Exterior & Interior Features

Now, let’s explore the exterior and interior offerings of these vehicles:

Features Haval JolionToyota Corolla Cross HEV 
Dual-Zone Auto Ac
Panoramic Sunroof (Open-Type)
Rear Ac Vent
Leather Steering Wheel
Leather Seats
Heated Seats
Power Windows
Multi Info Display
Display12 inch7 inch
Parking Brake ElectronicPedal type
headlamp levelling
LED Headlamps
Fog Lights
Way-Home Lighting
Shark Fin Antenna

Both cars come equipped with impressive comfort features, but the Haval Jolion HEV comes with some additional comfort amenities, elevating the driving experience.

Toyota Corolla Cross HEV VS. Haval Jolion HEV Fuel Economy

When it comes to fuel efficiency, both vehicles perform admirably. The Haval Jolion HEV offers a mileage of up to 20 km/l, while the Corolla Cross HEV achieves 20-23 km/l, giving it a slight edge in this department.

Haval Jolion VS. Toyota Corolla Cross: Price Difference

In the end, let’s discuss their prices and figure out which one is the most and least expensive among them. The Haval Jolion HEV Price in Pakistan is Rs.9,295,000 while the price of Corolla Cross HEV is Rs 9,399,000

Considering the specs and features, do you think this price difference is justified? Also, if you were to buy one of these, which one would you purchase? If you are interested in knowing the prices of new and used hybrid cars in Pakistan, do check out OLX Pakistan’s listings.  


In conclusion, both the Haval Jolion and the Corolla Cross present compelling choices in the hybrid crossover market. Each vehicle brings its own strengths to the table, whether it’s the Haval Jolion’s robust safety features or the Corolla Cross’s well-rounded package. Ultimately, your decision should reflect your unique preferences and priorities. Whether you prioritize safety, fuel efficiency, or overall features, choose the vehicle that resonates best with your individual needs and enhances your driving experience. 

So, which one will you choose to drive into a sustainable future? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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