Essential Items for a Motorcycle Tour: A Packing Guide

Essential Items for a Motorcycle Tour: A Packing Guide

There is nothing like traveling on a motorcycle – it not only gives you a sense of freedom but also allows you to connect with nature. From rainfall to wind to the scorching sun, a motorbike ride lets you experience everything. 

If you are a bike lover who is planning a motorcycle tour, there are a few things that you should carry with you. To make things easier, we have compiled a lightweight bike touring packing list for you.

A Good Map

Motorcycle tours are more about the journey and less about the destination. This means the route that you choose and the stops that you make – everything plays an essential role. 


While some people prefer using online maps, others like to enjoy the old school method of using physical maps. If you are one of those, do carry a physical map along with you.

Luggage Net

A luggage net is a must have item when you are planning a motorcycle tour. It is not only essential and affordable but is also extremely lightweight. This means you can store it away when it is not being used. 


You can also tie the net around your roll bag and use it as a make-shift compartment to store food, water or any emergency gear. 

Bungees and Cable Ties

It is essential that you keep bungee cords and cable ties with you because these are versatile items that can help you in multiple unpredictable situations. These items take little space but are extremely lightweight and useful.


If, by chance, something breaks and needs a quick fix, these bungees and cable ties will be your best friend. Also, ensure that you carry a roll of duct tape with you. 

Dry Bag

Keep a few dry bags with you as they help you store your essentials. You can either use them as ordinary bags or to store away dry clothes which could be used during a sudden downpour.

Along with this, you can also use these bags to store cash, passports or any other important items from getting wet. 

Cable Lock

Preparing for a motorcycle trip but not sure how to keep your things secure? A cable lock is going to help you. You can use this lock to tie your helmet or any other essentials to your bike when you are stopping for lunch.


You can either store it inside a bag or wrap it tightly around the bag. 

Latex Gloves

There are chances that you will experience rainfall while you are on the road trip. If a situation like this occurs, you would want to enjoy it, instead of fretting about other issues. 


Whenever you are riding, make sure you wear latex gloves underneath your riding gloves. This will prevent water from reaching your hands and will also keep you warm.

Pro Tip: Keep a few extra pairs of latex gloves. 


Although the sound of wind, chirping of birds and the drops of rain can be very relaxing, there are times when a person wants to listen to their favorite songs. Or they may want to hear the command of their GPS system and this is why having earphones is necessary.


There is a huge variety of earphones on OLX Pakistan. If you are planning on buying them, do have a look at the options present on the website. 

Multipurpose Tool

A multipurpose tool is essential if you are planning to go camping but is also extremely necessary for a road trip. It is lightweight and versatile which makes it useful and easy to store. 

For camping, use an aluminum tool which has a knife, spoon, fork as well as other basic tools. But for a road trip, a basic multipurpose tool will do the job. 

Head Torch

Preparing for a motorcycle trip? Taking a head torch along is a must. 


This may sound weird to some, but a head torch can be a life saver. They are bright and have long lasting batteries which helps you in unforeseen situations. A head torch will help you cross a dark patch of road, fix your bike in the dark, unpack your bike, etc. 

That is about it! We hope this guide will help you in planning a motorcycle tour. If you are interested in buying a motorbike, you can get it from OLX Pakistan. 

Do let us know if there is anything that you think should be added to the list. 

Have a safe trip!

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