Changan Increased its Car Prices by upto Rs.400,000

Changan Increased its Car Prices by upto Rs.400,000

It seems like another wave of price increase is upon us. Yesterday after the price increase of Suzuki cars and Prince Pearl, Changan also decided to increase the prices of all variants of Alsvin and Oshan. 

It is worth reminding our readers that Changan jacked up the prices of its cars by up to Rs.280,000 as recently as last month.  

The new prices of Changan cars are as follows:

Changan Alsvin Price Increase

All variants of Alsvin will now cost Rs.125,000 more. 

ModelOld Prices(Rs)New Prices(Rs)Price Difference (Rs)
Alsvin M/T Comfort2,769,0002,894,000125,000
Alsvin DCT Comfort3,024,0003,149,000125,000
Alsvin DCT Lumiere3,219,0003,344,000125,000

With this, the price gap between Alsvin and its local competitors has narrowed. However, since this car offers most features as compared to others, its sales might remain unaffected. 

Oshan X7 Price Increase

Oshan X7 was launched at a very reasonable price making it a very attractive option amongst local SUVs. However, now this “attractive option” will cost you Rs.300,000 – 400,000 more.  

Here below are the latest prices for Changan Oshan X7. 

ModelOld Prices(Rs)New Prices(Rs)Price Difference (Rs)
Oshan X7 Comfort5,750,0006,050,000300,000
Oshan X7 FutureSense5,950,0006,350,000400,000

Despite the price increase, Oshan X7 is still one of the most value for money locally made SUVs in Pakistan.

Booking Status of Alsvin and Oshan

According to the company notification, orders having a tentative delivery date of June 22, 2022, with partial payment made before 9th May or balance payment instrument before 16th May 2022 will be entertained on the previous price.

Any other orders with a tentative delivery date after June 22, 2022, shall fall under the new prices. 

The company didn’t provide us with any reasons for the price increase. However, it’s all the familiar reasons like raw material prices, rupee devaluation and freight charges.

This is the Third Wave of car price hikes in Pakistan. It is unprecedented to have price hikes this frequently here though the country has experienced economic crises before. 

The government of Pakistan has issued a notification to 10 car companies regarding the frequent price increases. One of which is Master Changan Motors. Will such notifications ever bring relief to motorists?  Let us know in the comments section below. 

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