Car Inspection with OLX Motors

Are you buying a second-hand car? Are you satisfied with its condition? It’s time to re-think because all that glitters is not gold especially if the car you’re buying is old!  If you want some real bang for your bucks, never ever skip a car inspection when buying a second-hand car. 

A car Inspection gives you all the real insights into the car that you plan to buy. A thorough check includes the interior and exterior of the car, headlights all the way towards the rear-end, engine performance and so much more! It is easy to catch sight of mismatched paint but determining the optimum performance of the engine is not for the naked eye to spot. There is a big chance that you will skip one or two major areas that are guaranteed trouble-makers for the near future. To be on the safe side, its always better to seek a professional car inspection service. 

OLX Motors offers a car inspection service that inspects your car on 200+ checkpoints. A detailed inspection can seldom ever go wrong and is followed by a reliable digital report. OLX Motors Car Inspection service is all about state-of-the-art equipment and accurate results. 

The cherry on the top? Our car inspection service will help you better assess the value proposition of your prospective car deal. 

Once you avail OLX Motors car inspection service, you can sign off your worries and make your purchase stress-free. 

A car inspection can easily be booked from the comfort of your home. Once the booking is done, you can just sit back and relax because our car inspection service has your back!

OLX Car Inspection Fee

Basic – 0 to 1000 CC @ 4,000/- including 5% Tax

Standard – 1001 to 2000 CC @ 5,000/- including 5% Tax

Premium – Above 2000 CC @ 7,000/- including 5% Tax

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