Bike Review: Hi Speed Infinity 150

For all the bike lovers and adventure seekers, the Hi Speed Infinity 150 is the way to go. The Hi Speed Infinity 150 has a sharp, racy look that is bound to make it stand out on the roads. It is a modern-looking option for those looking to upgrade their conservative-looking bikes, as it leans towards the sporty side. 

The bike’s structure is inspired by the bull shape and it comes with a big rounded headlight at the front. Along with that, the bike is accompanied by a three-phase instrument cluster that adds to the bull-style shape of the bike. The front light remains in an always-on mode which is a likable feature. Hi Speed also comes with the ability to change the dimmer of the front light. This gives a lot of flexibility to the rider, to alter the light intensity as required. The side mirrors are placed with a clipper which is quite unique and unorthodox.

Hi Speed Infinity is designed in a way to give a flamboyant feel to the rider. Hence, the bumped-up shape of the fuel tank and the low, comfortably placed seat are designed to add the bull-style shape of the bike. It comes with a Self Start button and a reverse shift gear mechanism. On the sides, it has beautiful curves to make the leg adjustment as comfortable as possible for the rider. 

The Hi Speed Infinity 150 comes with a single-cylinder, and a 150 cc engine. It is an air-cooled, OHV engine that produces a torque of 12 Nm with 10 horsepower. The silencer is placed at an angle that further enhances the sporty look of the bike. This bike has a fuel capacity of 13 liters, with an average consumption of 25-30 Km/L. 

The price for the Hi Speed Infinity 150 is Rs. 260,000. Spare parts for this bike initially were not easily available, however, they are now accessible in major cities. Overall, this bike is an excellent choice for those young at heart and looking for some adventure!

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