Audi Decreased Prices of e-tron in Pakistan by Up to 1.95 Crore Rupees

Audi Decreased Prices of e-tron in Pakistan by Up to 1.95 Crore Rupees

Great news for Audi lovers as the company has decreased the prices of its e-tron lineup. And guess what? The Audi e-tron price in Pakistan has decreased by up to around 2 crore rupees. The reason behind this sudden and sharp decline in price is reported to be the removal of regulatory duty (RD) on electric vehicles.

Let’s find out the new Audi e-tron price in Pakistan.

Audi e-tron Price in Pakistan

VariantOld prices (Rs.)New prices (Rs.)Price difference (Rs.)
e-tron 5032,450,00022,300,000-10,150,000 (-31%)
e-tron SB36,150,000 24,850,000-11,300,000 (-31%)
e-tron GT 48,325,000 34,500,000-13,825,000 (-29%)
RS e-tron GT68,000,000 48,500,000-19,500,000 (-29%)

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Why Has the Price Decreased?

Last time, Audi increased the price of the e-tron lineup by up to Rs.38,405,000. It was a massive price hike at that time and which was done due to the 100% Regulatory duty imposed on electric vehicles. Now, the RD is reduced to the previous figure. Which is the reason why the prices have dropped.

Here is another thing! The prices are not reduced to the point where they were before the imposition of RD. There isn’t any explanation on why the company hasn’t reverted the prices to the same figure as they were before 100% RD.

This price decrease will allow people to buy an Audi e-tron who gave up on buying it after the previous price hike. 

What are your thoughts on this price decrease? Do you think the company should have reduced the prices to the previous point (before the previous price increase)? Tell us in the comment section below.

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