An Upgraded, Safer But More Expensive Suzuki Swift Now Available in Pakistan

An Upgraded, Safer But More Expensive Suzuki Swift Now Available in Pakistan

It’s a bittersweet moment for many Suzuki fans. Many were expecting a fall in prices, as almost all the major auto assemblers in the country have slashed their prices, with Kia reducing its prices twice. Though there were rumors to the effect, Pak Suzuki quickly quashed them. Now, instead of reducing prices, it has introduced a more fortified Swift with a higher price tag. Called an upgraded Suzuki Swift in Pakistan, it was revealed on November 10, 2023. In this blog, you’ll find out what the new changes are and where the company has made the upgrades.

Suzuki Swift: Upgraded Safety Features

The company unveiled enhanced safety features for all variants of the new Swift. It is pertinent to mention here that most of these safety features were offered in the top variant (GLX CVT) only. The goal is to offer consistent and high-quality safety features to customers, including:

  • 6 airbags (Previously only the top variant came with these many airbags, other two variants came with 2 airbags only)
  • Seat Belt reminders for all seats (Offered in all three variants previously as well)
  • Front and rear fog lamps (Previously offered in the top variant only)
  • Rear seat ISOFIX 
  • Headlamp leveling 
  • Underbody engine cover
  • Auto headlamp (Previously came in the top variant only)
  • Change in emblem position and design

Upgraded Suzuki Swift Price in Pakistan

However, these additions come with an additional cost. Although the company has maintained the prices at their current levels until December 31, 2023, they will increase after this date. You can find the current and new Suzuki Swift prices below:

Existing Price (Till Dec 31st 2023)New Price (From Jan 1, 2024 onwards)
Swift GL MTRs.4,256,000Rs.4,336,000
Swift GL CVTRs.4,574,000Rs.4,654,000
Swift GLX CVT Rs.4,960,000Rs.5,040,000

As you can see, there will be a price difference of Rs.80,000 from Jan 1, 2024 onwards, as the Swift will be Rs.80,000 more expensive. So, if you are seriously thinking of buying a Suzuki Swift, now is the time to buy it.

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