5 Cars Under PKR 5 Lac To Buy In Pakistan


The local auto industry is becoming more diversified with the advent of new auto players. Not only is the industry becoming more alive, but the supply and demand gap will likely shrink in the coming future. Due to the supply and demand issue and big middle-class population, there is a huge used car market in the country.

In this article, we will be mentioning 5 used cars under PKR 5 lacs which you can buy in Pakistan and that too without any hassle.


1. Suzuki Mehran

First, and foremost in the list is Mehran, famously known as “The Boss” in the local auto sector. The car was in production for 3 decades straight and was recently discontinued in favor of the Suzuki Alto 660cc. Mehran was equipped with an 800cc engine coupled with a 4 speed-manual transmission throughout its whole production life. 

It is pertinent to mention that the company tweaked, made minor model changes to the car throughout its lifespan. The change was limited to the design of the front grille, bumpers as well as crystal headlights. There was no major change in the car until the company decided to launch the car with an EFI engine in 2012.

In its initial days, the a/c of the Mehran was on the extreme sides of the dashboard, but later it was installed in the middle. It might come as a surprise to you that at the beginning the car was not even equipped with seatbelts, however, after National Highways and Motorway Police asked the company to do so, it was then they introduced seatbelts. 

Even after the discontinuation, the resale of the car is great and there is no issue of spare parts availability. The maintenance cost is low and the fuel mileage is optimal. Although the car has a good resale value and low maintenance cost, it lacked all the basic modern features in it such as power windows, power steering, etc. It was not even equipped with airbags.

You can easily buy 2002-2006 Mehran under PKR 5 lacs from OLX. The price may vary depending upon the city and its overall health.

  • Low maintenance cost
  • Parts are easily available
  • Build quality is not up to the mark 
  • Poor brakes
  • Lacked basic safety features i.e airbags
  • Vibration on high speed
  • The quality of the side mirrors and that of the steering wheel were not good 


2. Suzuki Alto

The second on the list is again a Suzuki car namely Alto. The car came in two different variants: VX and VXR. It has a 1000cc engine mated to a manual transmission just like its other sibling Mehran. This car too has been discontinued by the company, but you can still buy the used version. The car has a low maintenance cost and the parts availability is not an issue. It is pertinent to mention here that the people who bought this particular car back in the days praised the performance of its a/c. 

The car remained in production from 2000 to 2012 and got one facelift in 2008. There were minor model changes (MMC) in the facelift version. The car had optimal and ample power because it used the same engine gear present in the Potohar Jeep which is also Suzuki’s vehicle. The vehicle was less fuel-efficient.

You can easily buy the 2004-2006 Alto in or under PKR 5 lacs from OLX. Just visit the OLX used cars section and get the best Alto you like without any hassle.

  • Less fuel-efficient
  • Had more power than that of its competitors


3. Suzuki Margalla

If you have a big family, no problem, we have another suggestion for you. You can opt for Suzuki Margalla, the car has ample interior space and has a good boot space as well. The vehicle came with a 1300cc engine option coupled with a manual transmission and in three different variants: GL, GL Plus, and GLX. Another imported 1000cc version of the car was also available in the market, however, only a handful of people bought that version.

Do you know that this was the first Sedan car launched by Pak Suzuki in Pakistan? it gained popularity in its initial phase, however, didn’t last long and got discontinued after seven years of production in favor of Suzuki Baleno.

You can buy 1996-1997 and below years Suzuki Margalla under PKR 5 lacs from OLX. Take note here that it would be a little hassle to find a good used Margalla in the market. Similarly, the resale value of the car is not that great compared to its competitors.

  • The resale value is pretty low
  • Ample interior space


4. Hyundai Santro

We all know how Suzuki has dominated the hatchback segment in the country since its inception. In the beginning, there was no serious competition at all. But later on, Hyundai came to Pakistan and launched its 1000cc hatchback Santro. The first generation of Santro was launched in 2000 and was discontinued in 2003. The car had many problems with it. However, in 2003 the second generation of the Santro was launched and became popular among the masses. It was one of the first cars which had a rear viper installed in it. 

The car gave a good competition to Suzuki at that time and people still love the car. However, due to many reasons, the car got discontinued in 2009. Let us not indulge deep into this matter and get straight to the car.

Hyundai Santro has a 1000cc engine displacement mated to a manual transmission. The car came in different variants with the top-of-the-line variant being equipped with power windows and power steering. The introduction of the Santro in the auto market back in the days created good competition and somewhat diversified the industry giving the consumers another option to choose from. People who still own the car are satisfied with it.

You can easily buy the 2005 and the below model of Hyundai Santro under PKR 5 lacs from OLX. The prices may vary depending upon the condition and the city from where you are buying the car.

  • Parts will be expensive compared to that of Mehran
  • Difficult to get ECU if it gets non-functional 


5. Daihatsu Cuore

The other non-Suzuki car which you can buy under PKR 5 lacs is Daihatsu Cuore. The car is a compact hatchback and comes with an engine transmission of 850cc. When it was launched in the market, Mehran was the sole vehicle in the 800cc category and was monopolizing the segment. It was indeed a cool breeze in a hot summer. Note that globally, Toyota acquired Daihatsu’s 52.1 percent shares, hence people got this car through Toyota in Pakistan.

Indus Motor Company famously known as IMC in the market launched the car in 2000. It came in as many as six different variants: CL, CX, CL Eco, CX Eco, CX Automatic, and CX Ecomatic. It was the only car that had an automatic variant in the 800cc category which was a new thing for the industry as well. The company discontinued the vehicle in 2012. Like all budget segment cars, the exterior of the car was not that fancy or aerodynamic. The car was heavy on fuel. Furthermore, in the beginning, the car was not equipped with crystal headlights, but later it was introduced. 

Due to having a bigger engine than Mehran, the car gave good response and acceleration. Moreover, unlike Suzuki Mehran, Cuore was equipped with a 5-speed manual transmission.

One can buy 2006-2007 or below Cuore model under PKR 5 lacs from OLX.

  • Less fuel-efficient compared to Mehran
  • Parts will be available but will be costlier if we compare it with Mehran
  • The rear legroom was not ample

Aside from these vehicles, there are also many other vehicles which you can buy under PKR 5 lacs such as Daewoo Racer, Suzuki Cultus, etc. We will list them in a separate blog. For now, this is it from our side. Hope you have enjoyed a good read. Drop your suggestions and comments below.

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