21 Important Road Traffic Signs for Driving Test in Pakistan

21 Important Road Traffic Signs for Driving Test in Pakistan

Nowadays driving has become a necessity for all, be it a man or a woman. But taking driving tests can be stressful. License centers in most cities have introduced E-sign driving tests but you can take these tests manually as well. Either way, learning about road signs is extremely important before you start driving on the road. 

There are numerous road signs and it is hard to cover them all but here are some of the important ones which may help you ace your road sign test.

So, let’s begin!

Different Road Traffic Signs

There are multiple types of road traffic signs including prohibited signs and compulsory signs. Some of the important ones are given below:

1. One-Way Traffic

If you see this sign, it means you are directed to only go in the direction the arrow is pointing to. Going the opposite direction would increase your chances of getting into an accident.

2. No Right Turn

The red line on the arrow means that the displayed action is prohibited. Encountering this road sign means you can not turn to the right. Similarly, there is a no-left turn sign as well with the arrow facing the other way. 

3. Strong CrossWind

This sign indicates the weather conditions of the area. It tells you that you may be encountering strong crosswinds which can cause your vehicle to be unstable for a few seconds. When you see this sign, you need to take precautions by slowing down or stopping your car.

4. Speed Limit

Any time you see a similar sign with numbers on it, it means that you can not exceed that speed limit. The sign in the picture shows that the maximum speed you can go at is 50km/h. You would find different speed limits for different roads and it is important to abide by them.

5. Stop Sign

Stop sign tells you to come to a complete halt before entering the main road.

6. Give Way

This inverted triangle sign means to give way to other incoming vehicles to avoid unwanted incidents. Sometimes, they come with the words ‘Give Way’ written on them.

7. Hospital Sign

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This sign means that there is a hospital nearby, incase of an emergency.

8. Pedestrian Crossing

Seeing this sign means you should slow down and be mindful of pedestrians.

9. No U-Turn 

As the name suggests, when you come across this sign, you are not allowed to take a u-turn on that road.

10. Overtaking Prohibited 

Coming across this sign means that you can not overtake another vehicle on the road.

11. Soft Verges

This sign means that the verges of the roads are not firm and sturdy so your speed should be lowered.

12. No Entry for Goods Vehicles

This sign shows that all vehicles containing goods are prohibited to enter that particular road.

13. No Stopping 

This sign means that you are to keep the road clear and not stop under any circumstance.

14. Keep to the Left 

This arrowhead pointing towards the lower left means to keep your vehicle to the left. If you see a similar sign pointing towards the lower right, it means to keep your car on the right side of the road.

15. Dotted White Line on The Road

The broken white lines you see on the road divides the road into lanes. You should always drive between the lanes to avoid accidents and maintain the traffic flow. When you see these lines, it means that you can overtake other vehicles but only if the road is clear.

16. Double Bend on the Road 

This means that you are going to see two consecutive bends on the road, so reduce your speed to adjust.

17. Cattle Crossing 

You are expected to slow down or come to a complete stop when you see a cattle crossing sign on the road.

18. Dual-Carriageway Ahead 

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This sign warns the driver that the one-way traffic is coming to an end. You are likely to encounter a closer, two-way traffic after approaching this sign.

19. Slippery Road 

When you see this sign come up, it means that the road is slippery so the driver should reduce the speed of the vehicle. 

20. Narrow Road 

This sign means that the road is narrowing up ahead. Give way to other vehicles and shift your lane accordingly when you see this road sign.

21. Warning Sign

Exclamation sign is a warning that you may be encountering different dangers as you go ahead. So, proceed with caution.

If you think that you need more practice before appearing for your theoretical test, you can assess yourself by taking an online test through the website of National Highways and Motorway Police.

Furthermore, if you want to learn to drive, you can check out driving schools at OLX Pakistan.

That’s all folks! We hope this guide was helpful. If you have any more important road traffic signs in mind to share with us, comment below.

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