Panther: Pakistan Ka No.1 Tyre

Panther: Pakistan Ka No.1 Tyre

Since 1983, Panther Tyres is one of the leading manufacturers of tyres and tubes in the country. Driven by innovation, perseverance and passion Panther becomes Pakistan’s No. 1 Tyre Brand. Panther Tyres also awarded with Brand of the Year Award for seven consecutive years. By anticipating the future, innovating continuously, and integrating all our in-house strengths, we’re able to produce high-quality mobility solutions and our customers have always trusted us as their reliable tyre partner. Because of this strong relationship with customers Panther Tyres also awarded with Consumer Choice Award. Panther Tyres is enthusiastic towards determining a sustainable future and committed to enhancing the reputation and strength of the brand. In Pakistan, we are the No.1 choice of motorcycle riders, auto-rickshaw drivers, tractor owners, and LTV/HTV drivers.

What Makes Panther Tyres Different

Panther Tyres Limited is following Japanese standards of manufacturing and using premium synthetic natural quality rubber, which makes these tyres heat resistant, long-lasting and resilient to wear and tear. The dual directional Tread Pattern and Multi way groove of Panther Tyres improve wet grip and provide better control. Moreover, Panther Tyres comes with 6 Months/ 10,000 Km Warranty.

#MotorcycleGirl Zenith’s Only Choice

Currently, Zenith Irfan; the first and most famous Pakistani female motorcyclist and adventurer who rides across Pakistan also featured Panther Tyres in her video, considering Panther Tyres the most reliable, durable and high-quality tyres. Zenith in her YouTube video said;

‘For me tyre is like a best friend who supports us to conquer rough terrains throughout our journey and encourages us to reach our destination. And the brand which I can trust fully for my next adventure is Panther Tyres’.

Choose The Best Fit Panther Tyres

  • Power Plus – This is the finest motorcycle tyre on wet roads. Having an improved and new symmetrical tread design with wet grip technology, Power Plus offers the best handling on wet roads.
  • Trekker – If you are looking for a tyre for your bike which is long-lasting, low-noise, offers ultra-high mileage and excellent performance, look no further than Trekker. 
  • Victor – Victor is a low-noise motorcycle tyre which enhances your biking experience. They come with big tread blocks and are available in a variety of sizes.
  • Bravo – For a superior comfortable drive and propulsion, buy Bravo tyres for your motorcycle.

What’s New?

Recently, Panther Tyres launched 8 PLY Tyre Range with Maximum Load Bearing Capacity. These 8 PLY heavy duty tyres are available in seven thread patterns; Load King, Octa, Force, Bravo, Power Plus, Trekker and Victor. So, with Panther 8 PLY Tyre Range you can carry the load freely & without any tension.

What More Pakistan’s No.1 Tyre Manufacturing Company Has to Offer?

The undisputed champions of Pakistan’s motorcycle tyre segment, Panther is also the No.1 choice for many other mobility solutions. When it comes to Auto Rickshaws; Panther’s auto rickshaw tyres have heavy-duty walls which are ideal for load bearing. Panther’s LTV/HTV tyres are long-lasting and durable, offering steady performance and ultra-high mileage for cost efficiency.  Panther’s tractor tyres are best for excellent grip even in mud. Panther Earth Movers is the force behind Pakistan’s mining and construction sector.

Panther Tyres; Pakistan Ka No.1 Tyre!

No wonder, Panther Tyres is the most recommended tyre brand by retailers and vulcanizers. Recently, Panther Tyres’ YouTube official page posted a video in which local tyre retailers gave reviews about Panther Tyres. Here are a few glimpses of what they said;

‘Panther Tyres is one of the best tyres available in Pakistani market. Panther is also our High Selling SKU. We never received any complaints about the quality of tyres and customers are 100% satisfied with the brand.’

You can watch the complete review by clicking on this link: https://youtu.be/ptl28PlbPXg

Panther Tyres is built for all-weather, all terrain conditions in Pakistan, making Panther Pakistan ka the No.1 Tyre.

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