AimFit: Where You Crush Your Fitness Goals on Your Terms

AimFit: Where You Crush Your Fitness Goals on Your Terms

Almost all of us have, at some point in time, made resolutions to improve our health and fitness. However, most of these resolutions remain unfulfilled because people tend to have unrealistic goals. 

We believe that it is an excellent idea to have a fitness goal in mind but it needs to be realistic. Joining a gym where you can get help from instructors can help you achieve your fitness goals.    

Now you must be wondering which gym would best suit your fitness goals. If you’re a woman living in Lahore or Islamabad, your best bet is AimFit. 

Did you know that AimFit is an exclusive studio just for women? With multiple branches in Lahore and one branch in Bahria Town Islamabad, AimFit promises to make every woman’s fitness journey easier and happier. 

Why Choose AimFit?

AimFit is on a mission to help women discover their best selves by helping them take charge of their body. No matter what your fitness goal is, the trainers at AimFit help you achieve your desired goal in a vibrant and supporting environment. 

At AimFit, you are guaranteed to see results in 7 days which eliminates the chances of any disappointments. Since the idea of this fitness studio is to help women become fit, they have made sure that they hire only female trainers to make their patrons more comfortable. Afterall, strong women do lift each other up!


At AimFit, there are multiple classes in a day which fits the busy routine of women from different walks of life. From housewives to college students to working women, AimFit caters to all. 

Another thing which we love is that it has almost half a dozen workout options which means there is something for everyone. These options include: 

  • Yoga 
  • Pilates 
  • Dance 
  • Strength 
  • HIIT 
  • Core, etc.  

Unlike other fitness platforms, AimFit is not just limited to a physical studio. They also have an app which makes adopting a healthy lifestyle even easier. 

The AimFit App

AimFit has an exclusive app for women who feel more comfortable working out at home. This app has everything one would need during their fitness journey. During the signup process, the app requires a few details like your age, weight, desired fitness goal, etc.  Once you enter all of these, the app gives you a personalized meal plan and the option to track your portions. 

These meal plans facilitate you in reaching your desired goal without depriving yourself of your favorite foods. And the good news is that these plans also consist of a daily treat. 

The AimFit app has live and a whole library of recorded workouts. You can join a live session if you want or access the library whenever you get the time. Along with this, you can also track your progress through the app which makes you more accountable towards yourself and your trainer. 


The AimFit app also gives you access to a coach who is available 24/7. 

How Much Do You Have to Pay for the App?

To access all the premium features of the AimFit app, you have to register. 

Currently, there is a Ramzan promotion going on which lets you enjoy a three-month subscription for just Rs.2,000. The offer is valid till April 15, 2022. 

If you are unable to avail this offer, you can get a regular monthly package which costs Rs.1,999. However, you can enjoy a 33% discount by taking a quarterly subscription which costs Rs.5,000 only

You can pay through a debit/credit card or transfer money through easy paisa or jazz cash. AimFit also offers cash pickup service.

The AimFit Studio

AimFit Studios are in Lahore as well as Islamabad. Currently, there is only one branch in Islamabad and three branches in Lahore. 



At the AimFit studio, you get to experience an energetic vibe where every woman is striving to become a better version of herself. There are various facilities offered at the beautiful AimFit Studio including shower rooms, kids area, changing rooms, fully equipped glam station and house drinks, etc.  

How Much Do You Have to Pay?

Currently, AimFit is offering the following packages in Lahore and Islamabad:


Don’t Just Move, Start a Movement. Join AimFit today and begin your fitness journey.

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