Advantages of Fumigation: Why Should You Go for It?

Advantages of Fumigation: Why Should You Go for It?

Pests have been a problem for every household for as long as the history of humanity. In some cases, pests like mosquitos, flies, bed bugs, and many others can be major health hazards. They spread many vector-borne diseases like Dengue, Malaria, etc. and also cause many allergies. These pests infect millions of people every year and the accumulated number of deaths (globally) caused by vector-borne diseases are around 700,000 annually (WHO). 

Fumigation is one of the best pest control methods that can do wonders in helping you get rid of pests in your home. Let’s see what it is and its benefits.

What is Fumigation?

Fumigation is a process to remove or kill pests from the house by releasing gaseous pesticides (fumes of certain chemicals) in a sealed environment. It kills the pests by suffocating or poisoning them.

For this purpose, the house must be sealed so the fumigant can kill the insects including mosquitoes, bugs, beetles, flies, and many others (depending upon the chemicals). For this purpose, the term tenting is generally used. However, the local fumigation services may use different methods to contain the gas in the house for a specific period (required to kill pests).

Benefits of Fumigation

Now you know about the fumigation process, it is time to know its advantages which are as follows.

Get Rid of Bugs and Mosquitoes Quickly

Fumigation is considered the quickest and among the most effective methods of pest control. It is because this process takes quite less time. One can fumigate the entire house in way less time than some other pest control methods like spray and others. 

Not only is it easier to get rid of bugs and mosquitoes quickly but it is easy to get rid of residue as all you need is to ventilate the house afterwards. So, it is among the best benefits of fumigation.

Reach the Unreached

With fumigation, reaching the hard-to-reach cracks, crevices, and other places becomes possible. It is almost impossible to reach those areas by using other pest control methods. Fumes distribute in the entire area almost evenly due to its gaseous form. It means it is possible to exterminate termites, bugs, and mosquitoes hidden in unreached areas of your home. 

A Safer Solution

Fumigation is considered a safer solution as compared to many other pest control methods. Ventilating the fumigant after a specific period is easy, so its leftover residue is the least as compared to the spray or aerosols. The fumigated areas have less toxicity which makes them ideal for sensitive areas including the kitchen. 

Why Get a Professional Fumigation Service in Pakistan?

You know the benefits of fumigation. Now it is important to understand why you should get professional fumigation services in Pakistan. 


Fumigation requires special expensive equipment. So, getting the fumigation service is a better idea as it costs less than buying the whole equipment and chemicals for fumigation, right?

Make the Process Simple Yet Effective

An untrained person cannot do fumigation (effectively). There are multiple chemicals and it is important to pay attention to the quantity (of each chemical) to be used. You are not trained for this so why not let the professionals handle it? They can make this difficult-looking process simple. Also, there are many chances of mistakes if you try to do it yourself. Professionals know how to seal the house and how much chemical is required to fumigate a specific area. Also, they know when and how to ventilate the house to make it safe for people. 


Where fumigation is a highly beneficial process if you want to kill mosquitos and other pests, there are some risks associated with it you need to know. 

High levels of toxicity can be fatal for humans if the house is not ventilated properly. Even small amounts can cause breathing and lungs related problems. So, proper ventilation is essential before entering the house again. 

The process is only effective if done in a sealed area. If not sealed, the fumigant will be diluted with the air coming from outside and will not remain lethal for the required exposure period. So, it is important to seal the house completely to get the best results. 

Every type of fumigant (chemical) is not made for every type of pest. Also, some chemicals are effective for larva, some effectively kill the adults, and some can kill both. The type of fumigant (chemical) has huge significance in this regard. 

The optimal temperature range for fumigation is 60°F to 80°F. If done outside this temperature range, its effectiveness is compromised and the process may not kill all or any of the pests.


There are many methods of pest control but fumigation is considered effective in many cases. Especially for households as it can kill mosquitoes, bugs and other pests effectively and leave the least residue as compared to the other pest control methods. 

We have shown the benefits of fumigation and the advantages of getting it done by professionals. But you need to analyze the risks that show how to get it done effectively and safely. 

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