Ownership Record To Be Issued Online By Punjab Land Record Authority

Beginning June this year, Punjab Land Record Authority (PLRA) will start issuing record of rights, better known as Fards, online. Fard is a document that proves your right of ownership to a property. This is usually required by banks when they are extending loans. This initiative has been taken by PLRA to eradicate the patwari culture from Pakistan. Under the patwari culture, people have faced many difficulties and hurdles in transferring property as it is an old and fusty system that no one dared to change until now. Considering the efforts of PLRA, many moves are being taken in the right direction to drastically improve the land record system and digitize it for better scrutiny of assets and improved record keeping by the government.

In order to take the system online, the staff of PLRA is being trained periodically so that there are minimum glitches once the system goes online. In the future, the training of PLRA staff will take place in two stages. In the first stage, they will get comprehensive knowledge about revenue laws of Pakistan and the software usage. The second phase will be on-the-job training that will expose them to real world problems.

PLRA has also taken an initiative for farmers where it has provided 32 banks with records to expedite the procedure of loan acquisition. This will make the process for average farmer easier and their agriculture production will increase. PLRA has also undertaken training exercises for newly appointed officers in Arazi Record Centers (ARCs) located in 140 tehsils in Punjab.

PLRA has also developed a mobile application, called Digital-PLRA, for android users. Earlier this year PLRA deployed mobile vans in ten divisional headquarters of Punjab. The online record keeping will improve security and service delivery of PLRA. Moreover, with the advancements in technology, using online systems must be the first priority of every government body as it helps other government departments in gaining information on persons of interest. Using an online system will also help in curbing corruption.

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