Insights Into Rapidly Developing Gwadar City

The major development in the Gwadar city under CPEC is the Gwadar Port Complex. Gwadar International Airport was also built under the CPEC which will connect Gwadar to major Pakistani and other international cities. Other projects that are under construction include a coal power plant, hospitals, educational institutions and a desalination plant to provide clean water to the city. Under the CPEC, Gwadar will also get a special economic zone built on the lines of economics zones in China. This will include logistic hubs, manufacturing zones, display centers and warehouses.

Construction of Gwadar East-Bay Expressway has started which will link the port to the rest of the city. It will be the main route in and out of the port and will facilitate heavy traffic and will link the port with major highways, bypassing the city for smooth flow of transport. Gwadar is the southern end to the CPEC initiative and holds a great importance to Pakistan as it is the major deep sea port to load and unload big ships that cannot be docked at Karachi. Previously, Pakistan had to count on Gulf States to use their deep sea ports, however, now with Gwadar we can save a lot of revenues and can boost trade with other countries. Furthermore, CPEC will bring development and prosperity in Balochistan and can help in exploring the many untapped resources in the region.

One Belt One Road (OBOR)
When talking about the rapidly developing and prospering port city of Gwadar, we have to mention about the One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative that contributed to the ensuing development in the region. This initiative was undertaken by the Chinese government which includes not only Pakistan but also many other countries across the globe. Being a part of OBOR will bring economic prosperity to Pakistan.

The OBOR will cover major on-land and sea routes that connect the world to stir up trade across the globe. The on-land route is called the Silk Road Economic Belt and the sea route is called the 21 st Century Maritime Silk Road. The CPEC is a part of the OBOR which is bringing foreign investments across Pakistan. The southern end of the CPEC is Gwadar which will make use of its deep sea port. OBOR includes Asian, African, South American and European countries to form a giant network.

China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)
As mentioned earlier, China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is an initiative under the OBOR. Under the CPEC initiative, the Chinese government in collaboration with Pakistan has already started to modernize the road and rail transportation network. Moreover, energy projects and special economic zones have also sprung up recently. A superior network of transportation will connect Gwadar and Karachi to the northern Pakistan to aid swift trading of goods to western China and Central Asia. This will also help the local industry of Pakistan as it can also make use of the superior and improved modern transportation network to undertake trading and export. At this point, Pakistan needs to improve its exports and CPEC can help Pakistan to achieve its goals.

Major infrastructure projects under the CPEC include Karachi-Peshawar motorway to provide uninterrupted transportation route across Pakistan. Work is being done on Multan-Sukkur section of the motorway. Expansion and capacity development of the Main Line of the railway in order to facilitate high speed railway transportation. Energy sector projects include coal power plants, wind power farms and hydropower stations spread across Pakistan. CPEC will bring economic prosperity and employment to the people of Pakistan and will bring China and Pakistan closer.

Upcoming Project in Gwadar

Green Palms is a housing project undertaken by the Rafi Group in Gwadar. On site development is rapidly gaining pace and the housing project will bring state-of-the-art facilities to its residents. The Green Palms is located adjacent to Makran Coastal Highway with a front spreading up to 1km, making it the largest housing project in Gwadar. The highway is the main route in and out of the Gwadar city and connects Gwadar with the rest of Pakistan. It will enhance the mobility of the residents of Green Palms.

Green Palms, as the name suggests, will bring its residents closer to the nature and far from the busy life of the city. The housing society will be lined with tree-covered walkways and lush green parks. Green Palms is inspired by contemporary modern architecture that will bring your residence up to the international standards. Moreover, construction of modern hospitals, fully- carpeted roads, international standard schools, water treatment plant and community is underway. Other than Green Palms, there are other projects that are emerging in Gwadar which include Naval Anchorage, Kings Park, Gwadar Golf City and Canadian City. Gwadar is poised to be one of the leading trading hubs of the South Asian region. Developmental projects have already started and the future is bright for investment opportunities.

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