Things you need to know before buying a gaming PC

Things you need to know before buying a gaming PC

Only gaming enthusiasts understand the difference between a gaming PC and a normal PC. If you are new to the world of gaming and want to buy a gaming PC, it is important to consider different things before buying this type of computer as it is different from a normal one. 

Computer games have their own sizes, requirements, gameplay, etc. The same is the case with their system requirements which increase constantly. It is the reason why people look for a new gaming computer every 1 or 2 years. 

We are here with the gaming PC buying guide. These tips are going to help you understand what to consider when buying a gaming PC.

PC case design

The case design is among the major differences between a gaming computer and a normal PC. Here are some of its characteristics, 

  • Tower style
  • Sufficient airflow
  • Suitable cooling system
  • Adequate space
  • RGB lighting
  • Glass panels
  • PSU shrouds
  • Better cable management

You can buy a special PC Case that has most of these characteristics with the design you want. It is an important part as airflow and temperature depend upon it. RGB lighting and glass panels are just for aesthetics. 

Cooling system

The cooling system is associated with the case type. It is beneficial to get a casing that has more fans or places to attach the fans. Computers produce a lot of heat that can reduce the performance over a specific temperature. Fans help in keeping the temperature down. It is also important to get a casing that is not completely closed as sufficient airflow is vital to keep the temperature maintained. RGB fans are also available these days that look great in the PC casing.

You can also get and install liquid cooling systems for better temperature management. But it will cost you more than the regular system. 

Which games do you want to run?

The type of games you want to play is an important factor to consider since it can affect every other element in this guide. Some of them are high-end while others are medium to low-end. Generally, a gaming PC is built to run most of the new PC games. However, the difference comes in smoothness and graphics settings. You will need a high-end gaming PC if you want to play the following games: 

  • GTA V
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
  • Crysis 3
  • Shadow of the Tomb Raider
  • Forza Horizon 5
  • Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla
  • Far Cry 6

GTA V system requirements are as follows,

However, remember you can still play a high-end game at low settings if you don’t have much to spend on a gaming PC. But you should always look for minimum system requirements for this purpose. The best way to do this is to list down the games you want to play and their system requirements. It will help you in buying the most suitable computer. 


PC size (motherboard)

The size of the PC is very important as the motherboard’s size depends upon it. This is linked with the case selection as you need to select a large one so it can carry a large size motherboard. Especially if you are buying a separate motherboard, you need to consider its type and size. Many people don’t know that the performance of a PC is affected by its size and type. Here are the sizes of the motherboard.

  • ATX (large)
  • Micro-ATX (Medium)
  • Mini-ITX (small)

In any circumstance, don’t get a Mini-ITX motherboard for gaming as it has the least number of available slots. Due to the smaller size and compact casing of the Mini-ITX, there are overheating issues sometimes. ATX is the best option.

You will also need to see the manufacturer of the motherboard. If you want an Intel processor, you have to buy a motherboard that supports specific Intel processors. The same is the case if you need an AMD processor. You have to purchase a board that supports specific AMD processors. 

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Which computer processor is suitable?

Which is the best processor for gaming? It is the question that strikes the mind of many game enthusiasts. The difference between Intel and AMD confuses many. Here is the simple answer. If you can pay more, Intel processors are the best due to temperature maintenance, less power consumption, and durability. However, if your budget is tight, you can purchase a high-end AMD processor.  

You can choose from core i7, i9, or core X processors for Intel. Depending upon your requirements and budget, you can choose from an old or new generation Intel processor. 

If you want an AMD processor, Ryzen 9 and 7 can be the best options. You can choose the generation depending upon your budget. 

The latest generations are better in power efficiency and performance. However, their prices are high as well. So, the choice is yours.  

It is important to get a processor with a higher clock speed that can overclock as well. You can also consider a processor that has more cores i.e. Hexa core or octa-core for better performance. Cache speed also matters a lot. The higher it is the better performance you will get. 

You can choose from numerous processors available on OLX Pakistan.

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Memory (RAM and Storage) size and type

Memory including RAM and storage has huge importance in gaming. RAM is an important part of every computer, especially gaming PCs. Always try to get a higher RAM size. A 16 GB RAM can make things smoother than a 12 GB RAM. The same is the case with RAM having more memory than 16 GB. Speed matters as well. Always choose a higher frequency (MHz) RAM over a lower one if your motherboard supports it. It has a significant impact on improving performance.

People generally focus on RAM. It is an important factor but we cannot ignore storage size and type. Don’t try to get conventional HDD storage. An SSD is essential for your gaming PC. For better performance, it is important to get a high-quality SSD that has better speed than normal SSDs. PCIe/NVMe SSDs are super fast and help in loading the game data quickly. Then comes M2 SSDs which are slower than the ones that use the PCIe interface. 500 GB or 1TB SSDs are recommended. However, some people use smaller SSDs to install a limited number of PC games.

Note: Remember to choose a reputable brand that offers a warranty as well. If you have a low budget, you can opt for a used SSD of a reputable brand like Samsung, SanDisk, etc. 

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Graphics card

This one needs no introduction as we all know that a great graphics card is important to run the best PC games. You can compromise on the processor a bit but without a suitable graphics card, you cannot run the game smoothly. 

To get the best graphics card in your budget list down the system requirements of the games. Always prefer the graphics card having more bit rate than higher memory. Frequency is an important factor to look at as well. Graphics cards with a higher bit rate and frequency easily beat the ones with higher memory (in GBs) having lower bit rate and frequency. It is linked with the frame rates, graphics resolution and other details most gamers focus on. 

Nvidia and AMD are the two top graphics card manufacturers. Nvidia has the same (better) position here as Intel has against AMD in processors. 

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An important aspect to look at when buying a gaming PC is upgradability. With the advancing gaming industry, it is important to keep your computer hardware updated frequently. Look for the motherboard that offers more memory expansion in future. The motherboard itself must be replaceable. This flexibility is important as you cannot change an entire PC from time to time. Upgrading is easier than replacing a gaming PC. 

Power supply

The power supply of a gaming PC is an important factor that many people ignore. Gaming PCs require more power than the normal PC. This is due to their higher-end graphic card, better processor, more RAM, RGB lights, fans, etc. You can calculate the power consumption of each part and get a dedicated power supply. If the total consumption is 500W, you should get a supply with a higher wattage. It is always better to have more supply than less. 800W or 1000W supplies are popular these days for computers made to run high-end games. 

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Gaming PC price in Pakistan 

The price will vary. You can buy it for Rs.40,000 with low specs. On the other hand, you get a gaming PC for more than Rs.500,000. It depends upon the type of games you want to play and the graphics setting (high, medium, low) you want. 

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For the best gaming experience get these devices

It is not only about the PC itself. Here are some important devices that can enhance your overall gaming experience.

Gaming monitor

The monitors for games are different from normal ones. They have a better response rate (ms) and higher refresh rates (Hz). These are important for gamers. If you have the best PC but a normal monitor, you won’t get the performance you want. 

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Gaming mouse

A gaming mouse is different from the normal mouse. A gaming mouse can be used in different ways. RGB lights also make it look cool. 

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Gaming keyboard 

Gaming keyboards are made especially for gamers. Most of them come with RGB backlights that help playing games in the dark. Some of them are mechanical which improves the gaming experience more than normal ones.

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Gaming headphones

Getting a gaming headphone (over a regular headphone) is important when you buy a computer. It is because it has low latency and is designed specifically for gaming. You won’t get all the sounds in a game with normal headphones. 

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There’s a huge variety of gaming PCs available in the local market. And although you won’t find many new ones, still a wide variety of used gaming computers are available. Out of these, you should choose the one which suits your budget and the types of games you intend to play. 

Do you have a gaming PC? In your opinion, what is the most important aspect in buying a gaming PC? Share your thoughts. 

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