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Advertisers Guide To The OLX Audience – Yuppies!

OLX Audience Overview

What is a Yuppie?

Coined in the 1980s but relevant to date, yuppie is a term that translates to Young Urban Professional and refers to a fashionable middle-class professional in a high paying job typically in an executive role in the private sector. They can be either male or female but belong to the well-educated middle class of society- the drawing-room critics. Think Leonardo DiCaprio in Wolf of Wall Street or Patrick Bateman in American Psycho.

Characteristically, yuppies are big spenders and not investors or savers. You’d typically see them sporting the newest fashion trends; wearing the most expensive watches, always having the most expensive cars, the latest cellphones, etc. Yuppies are truly the poster children for the capitalist phenomenon. When shopping, the mind of the yuppie works primarily on the pleasure principle; they sport designer brands, eat at the most select restaurants, are members of country clubs, and are extremely well-connected with their likes. The Pakistan Yuppie, moreover, is more likely to not only come from a background of stellar education but more likely of an affluent heritage. They are seen frequenting the likes of M.M. Alam restaurants, flagship stores, and exclusive parties.

Yuppies on OLX 

Shopping Trends

What are yuppies looking for on OLX?

In keeping with their extravagant interests, the average Yuppie will be found browsing through the Mobiles, Laptops, Cars, Bikes, Electronics and Home Appliances, Property, Books, Sports and Hobbies, Animals, and Business & Industrial and Agriculture categories within the high to highest price brackets. They are most likely to be browsing through categories that cater to their entertainment needs.


In today’s day and age, everyone from a business tycoon to a street vendor has a cellphone. If one may go as far as to say mobile phones have now become appendages for the common man, it would not be far from the truth. This is perhaps what drives manufacturers like Samsung, Apple, Huawei, etc to make such a wide range of variants in various price brackets. When it comes to yuppies, however, there are around 7M impressions monthly on the platform in the category of mobiles in the PKR 1-4 lac price bracket. Their desire to constantly update their handheld devices motivates manufacturers to release a wide range of options year after year which also contributes to the planned obsolescence of previous models. This, in turn, also motivates the general public to update their devices within 1 year on average and 4 years at the most.


In keeping with the elitist frame of interest, the trademark of a true yuppie is the car they drive. They would normally be found driving top-of-the-line luxury vehicles like the Range Rover Vogue 2, Audi Q7, Mercedes S Class or even the BMW 3 Series. Speaking of which, BMW has been the poster brand for yuppies throughout the late 1900s and early 2000s where owning a BMW is considered to be the prime determinant of the yuppie! There are over 105K impressions served monthly on OLX for cars in the price bracket of PKR 5 million to 100 million. 


While the most common motorcycle one would see on the roads of Pakistan is the cd70 Road Prince; affordable, functional, and efficient, a yuppie is not likely to go for a variant for any of these reasons and will therefore be looking for something of a higher aesthetic appeal. The types of bikes they would be looking for may not necessarily be the most efficient in terms of getting one from place to place on a work day, it will, however, serve the purpose of providing entertainment and be a treat for the eyes and quite hefty on the wallet. Over 450K yuppies look for ATVs and Quad Bikes, Yamaha sports bikes, and Harley Davidsons on OLX. Around 2M impressions are served monthly in the Bikes section within the price range of PKR 50,000 to 5,000,000.


Despite the rising trend of adoption instead of buying animals, this remains an area of vast opportunity with breeders. The online pet marketplace is not in the mainstream line of sight, however, it holds a lot of potential. As the typical yuppie aims mainly to keep themselves entertained and worries about the upkeep of their public image. Having a handful of pedigreed, microchipped dogs and a few exotic birds to keep on the farmhouse seems to be the perfect add on. On OLX, there are over 6M impressions served monthly in the Animals section where the most commonly searched for animals are dogs between the price range of PKR 50 thousand all the way to 1 million. Besides these, another common feature on a yuppie’s farmhouse or village home is a few thoroughbred horses for show or to play polo etc.

Books Sports and Hobbies/Electronics and Home Appliances

Being one of the key areas of interest for the average yuppie, our Books Sports and Hobbies section features thousands of options from sporting equipment, musical instruments, game equipment (such as table tennis and foosball tables etc). The total impressions served monthly in this category are well over 4M of which 1M are for things priced at 40,000 PKR and higher. Similarly, in the Electronics and Home Appliances category, OLX has a variety of things of all price ranges however the average yuppie would typically not think twice before opting for the pricier variant of a similar product. Over 60M impressions per month are served in this category of which 30M are for products priced at 5000 PKR and higher. 

How To Catch a Yuppie’s Eye?

The way to a yuppie’s heart is through the ID. The ID, in psychology speak, is the part of the human psyche that runs on the pleasure principle and constantly seeks wish fulfillment. The age-old recipe to appease the yuppie’s hunger for excitement is made of generous amounts of the following:

– Entertainment & Luxury Quotient

Most of the things that occupy a yuppie’s time off of their typically high-paying executive jobs are activities that of high entertainment value. These can range from watching a movie in the home theatre to going out on the town making the experience high on the entertainment as well as luxury radar. A yuppie is, therefore, less likely to engage in activities that require them to really get down and dirty. A simple example of this is the fact that a Pakistani yuppie who is into sports is more likely to be found playing polo (known as the rich man’s game) as opposed to cricket or football. 

– Effort 

The yuppie is generally assumed to be easily bored and to keep them engaged the fine balance between ‘too complicated to spend time on’ and ‘easy to the point of becoming boring’. Any user experience that would appeal to the yuppie would typically be interactive so as to make the user feel personally involved in the process but also do all the work for them.

– Innovation

 To have and flaunt what’s newest on the market is something that is associated with the typical yuppie. This, again, stems from the idea of not letting things become boring and uninteresting. When designing or marketing innovative products (such as the Samsung Odyssey G9 Monitor, Roomba, Alexa home system, etc) the target audience is not only gamers for whom a product like this would create a more immersive experience while playing but also those with quite a deep pocket.

OLX Pakistan as an online classifieds marketplace is providing access to affordable devices to a large population of this country, and playing its role in helping in the digitization of the country.

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