Patek Philippe Vs Rolex: Clash of the Titans

Patek Philippe Vs Rolex: Clash of the Titans

Patek Philippe and Rolex are perhaps the two most recognized watch makers in the world. Each has its own claim to fame and clientele, making many compare the two. 

While such a comparison is inevitable given the prestige associated with both, we believe it is unfair to compare the two and for a variety of reasons. Main reason being – you won’t find a clear winner in this comparison. Value associated with each would always be subjective. However, this does not mean that you shouldn’t compare the two in terms of their history, heritage, reliability and price.   

These watches are not made for the common folk. They cost a fortune. If you are interested in these premiere Swiss watches, here’s how they stack up against each other. 

Brand Prestige

You don’t buy Rolex or Patek Philippe to tell time. For that, all you need is a $10 watch. You buy these premiere watches for what they represent. With each Rolex or Patek Philippe purchase, you buy a piece of their history and prestige. 

Patek Philippe was founded in 1839. The brand is the last family-owned independent watch manufacturer in Geneva. Every Patek Philippe watch is a living tale of extreme craftsmanship with exemplary attention to detail. The brand has mastered the craft of watch making.

Rolex, another Geneva-based watchmaker, has been associated with making luxury, sturdy, reliable and high-quality watches since 1905. The watchmaker is known for making innovations with the first chronometer automatic day and date changing dial in 1945 and 100m waterproof case in 1953. Soon it became the industry leader with its consistent and ingenious inventions. 


You don’t need an imaginative mind to know that these two brands are all-time favorites of legends, billionaires, millionaires, celebrities and others. To put things in perspective, Patek Philippe has a clientele that includes Queen Victoria and Albert Einstein, Tom Holland, Ed Sheeran, Drake, Kevin Hart, among others.  

Not to be outdone, Rolex boats of names like Barack Obama, Warren Buffet, John F. Kennedy, Steve McQueen, among others as its clientele. 

Reliability and Durability

What do you expect from a world-class luxury watch brand? Patek Philippe proudly claims,

You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely look after it for the next generation.

These are not fancy words stitched together to make an impression, the company actually believes in it. 

Patek Philippe still offers service and repair for every timepiece it has ever made. This is the definition of service and commitment to customer relations. Patek Philippe watches surpass the highest industry standards set for watch precision. These watches are accurate to -3/+2 sec per day for diameter less than 20 mm. You can never go wrong with a Patek Philippe. 

However, it is not just Patek Philippe which has set benchmarks in the watchmaking industry. Rolex watches are all hand-assembled and tested. This is human perfection at its finest. Rolex currently makes on average 1,000,000 watches per year. Rolex uses 904L grade stainless steel for its watches which is way superior to the 316L grade steel used in other luxury Swiss brands. 

Patek Philippe Vs Rolex Price in Pakistan

There are a fair number of official Rolex outlets in Pakistan that sell various models of this prestigious Swiss watch. The same however can’t be said of Patek Philippe in Pakistan. However, this watch can be bought from a variety of high end watch selling shops in Pakistan. 

In general, Patek Philippe is more expensive than Rolex. However, some of this watch’s models may be cheaper than some Rolex models. 

If you are interested in knowing Rolex watch prices in Pakistan, check them out here.

Did you know, Patek Philippe holds the record for the most expensive watch to be sold in an auction? 

If you are interested in knowing Patek Philippe watch prices in Pakistan, check them out here.

Among the top ten most expensive watches sold in an auction, eight were Patek Philippe. People who share a love for these watches and understand the uniqueness of these timepieces will buy these watches irrespective of the price.

If you have to choose between these two, what would be your choice and why? 

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