Importance of Hiring a Security Guard

Importance of Hiring a Security Guard

The global economic recession has equally affected Pakistan. With the recent historic floods, many Pakistanis have started to find it hard to make ends meet. While the economic instability is affecting the country and its people in multiple ways, one of its most serious side effects is the rise in crime rate. 

The economic crunch may not be the only factor contributing towards the increasing crime rate, especially street crime, but it certainly is an important one. 

In the past few months, street crimes have risen manifold in different cities of Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. In August 2022, the Lahore Police Chief revealed that around 200,000 crimes were reported on an annual basis and what is alarming is that these were the official numbers. It is possible that a thousand others went unreported. 

To keep ourselves safe and preserve our livelihood, we need to take certain steps and we need to take them now. For this purpose, it is essential that you hire a security guard. Following are some of the reasons that will highlight the importance of hiring a security guard.

Prevent Crime

The presence of a security guard offers visual deterrence. Even a single security guard may be enough to prevent a crime from occurring. 

Immediate Reaction

Certified and trained security guards are ready to meet any eventuality. These professionals know how to provide security in a crucial situation while waiting for the police or medical team to arrive. 

Heightened Sense of Awareness

Security guards are usually more observant and as compared to us, they are a better judge of people who act suspiciously. This helps them in preventing crime. 

Even though cameras are the best surveillance tool, they can only record, not prevent or stop the crime from happening. A security guard, on the other hand, takes immediate action and prevents the crime from happening. 

Along with this, they know how to act in different situations and how to stay calm and in control until help arrives. Without security guards, people often miss out on unusual behavior which makes them an easy victim. 


Handling Security Issues in an Efficient Manner

Security officers not only protect you, but they protect your assets as well. Being able to detect a situation in two minutes rather than 2 hours could make a huge difference. 

A threatening situation could change within the blink of an eye so it is essential to know how to deal with it in a professional way. Handling the situation in an efficient manner is essential to prevent panic and escalation of threat. 

Reduce Your Stress Levels

Professional security officers know how to handle unpleasant situations that we wouldn’t know how to deal with. Knowing that your family or your business is protected gives you peace of mind. 

Maintaining a Safe Environment

By hiring a security guard, you and your family would feel safe at your home. Along with residential areas, if you hire a security guard for your business premises, you will be providing your clients and your employees with a safer environment. 


Benefits of Hiring a Security Guard for Businesses

Apart from the above mentioned ones, there are certain benefits of hiring security guards that benefit businesses as well. Some of them are given below:

Providing Customer Services

The primary responsibility of a security guard is to provide security but along with that, they are excellent customer service providers as well. For example, they can help you handle office errands, escorting clients, etc. 

Along with this, security guards also act as a point of contact for the customers or clients. 


Promoting Peace and Order

Having a huge business setup with continuous activity and lots of employees without security personnel could be dangerous. A bustling place is an attraction for criminals because the chances of getting caught are less. 

Apart from this, there are times when a client or employee tries to violate the rules of a business premises and without a security guard on site, things may get out of control. Hiring a security guard can help you maintain peace and order in your business premises.  

Proficient in Using Security Equipment

Security guards are trained to use weapons (though not every security guard is armed) and may know CPR, etc. Due to this, they maximize their potential, may prevent crime and if a crime has occurred, professionally handle the situation in an efficient manner.

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