Do You Have What It Takes To Become a Successful Businessman?

Do You Have What It Takes To Become a Successful Businessman?

Everyone wants to be their own boss. There are very few who would be brave enough to publicly admit that they’re satisfied working for someone else. Knowing early on in life what you want to do with it is always good, but it’s a whole different matter whether you would actually achieve it.

The reality is being an entrepreneur isn’t easy. If you are reading this blog, chances are you already know how hard it is to become your own boss and a successful one at that. 

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Learning from your mistakes is good, but learning from someone else’s mistakes is great. Here are some common mistakes that many entrepreneurs make and which you should avoid to become a successful businessman. 

1.  Antisocial


Socializing means building your network which would go a long way in making you a successful businessman. Your social circle is automatically the primary audience that you can easily market and influence. If you are antisocial in your private life, don’t let this seep into your professional role. 

2.  Delegate

Being a perfectionist is great, but nobody can do everything by themselves. The secret to productivity is to wisely delegate duties and responsibilities to others. Meanwhile, you can take care of more important things. If you don’t know a certain part of the equation, take help from someone who’s better at it. This is what all successful entrepreneurs do – make the best out of your time. 

3.  Procrastination

Steve Jobs was a procrastinator. This is what Adam Grant, a professor at Wharton said about Jobs:

“The time Steve Jobs was putting things off and noodling on possibilities was time well spent in letting more divergent ideas come to the table, as opposed to diving right in with the most conventional, the most obvious, the most familiar,”


So, rather than jumping on an idea, it is better to spend time thinking about its pros and cons and then making your final decision. 

4.  Accepting feedback

As an entrepreneur, you must be ready and willing to accept feedback. Take feedback from your clients, and try to improve the deficiencies next time. There may be flaws that you need to accept. 


Acceptance and improvement is the key to success. Nokia went out of business for a variety of reasons, not accepting positive feedback from the market being one.  

5.  Study competition

If you are launching a new product/service, you need to study its market dynamics like supply and demand, etc. But have you studied your competition? You are not the only one putting in the effort. There are people in the market who are there for a longer period than they are. Put yourself in other people’s shoes, understand the patterns and make a better version of it by yourself. This will help you stay ahead of the competition.

6.  Penny-wise but pound-foolish

Many entrepreneurs make the basic mistake of hiring a resource because it’s cheap or procuring a certain raw material because it’s cheaper than others, etc.  

Always invest in your business and never settle for inferior quality. Customers always prefer quality over quantity.

7.  Poor planning and entrepreneurship don’t mix


Many businesses fail during their first year. It’s because the owner runs out of cash. You should have enough capital in the beginning to last you a few months. Businesses fail due to poor planning and running out of cash is its biggest example.  

What to take away from this blog?

It doesn’t cost a dime to dream but it costs more than a dime to make your dreams come true. 

Businesses fail for a variety of reasons but most of them are universal – running out of cash, not hiring the right people, short-sightedness, etc. Avoiding these mistakes and others can help you become not only a successful entrepreneur but also your own boss. 

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