Reform in Number Plate Issuance: Punjab Offers Relief with Multiple Vendor System

Reform in Number Plate Issuance: Punjab Offers Relief with Multiple Vendor System

We all know the situation of number plate issuance in Punjab. The government has collected number plate fees from around 3 Million vehicle owners over the past 3 years, but it has failed to provide all of them with their number plates timely. To cater these delays, the Punjab Excise Department is rolling out changes to streamline the process of getting computerized number plates for vehicles.

There have been ongoing complaints from the public about the process, and the authorities have faced their own set of challenges. But guess what? Change is finally underway!

The provincial cabinet has given the green light to a significant shift. They are saying goodbye to the old government monopoly and introducing a new system where various companies can produce and distribute these vital number plates.

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And here’s the exciting part: you won’t have to pay any money for those new computerized plates anymore. Yes, you heard that right! The aim is to make things simpler for the public.

At the forefront of this transformation is Excise Director General Faisal Fareed. He’s taking swift action to initiate the process. No more waiting – a directive has been issued to stop collecting fees for new or duplicate plates, ensuring a smoother and more transparent process.

By opening up the playing field to different companies, the department anticipates healthy competition. And that could translate to potential savings of up to Rs.500 for vehicle owners compared to the current prices.

But, of course, there are still hurdles to overcome. There’s a backlog of plates to tackle from the days of inefficiency. Despite past efforts to improve the system, such as collaborations with federal agencies, there have been bumps along the road.

Nevertheless, the Punjab Excise Department is determined to make things better for the owners of cars, bikes, and others in the province. So, stay tuned for further updates as they work towards a smoother and more efficient process!

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