Are EVs Environmentally Friendly? Mr. Bean Doesn’t Think So.

Are EVs Environmentally Friendly? Mr. Bean Doesn’t Think So.

2023 has not been a good year for electric vehicle (EV) sales in Europe. In fact, sales have been flat throughout the year. While there are many reasons for this, including their price, there is one particular reason that could seriously impact, if not altogether kill, their sales in the continent, and it comes from everyone’s beloved Mr. Bean.

Mr. Bean Feels ‘Duped’

Mr. Bean, or Rowan Atkinson, is being blamed for damaging EV sales in Britain by none other than Green Alliance, an environmental watchdog. He’s being singled out not only for low EV sales, but also for damaging their reputation for environmental friendliness. In our opinion, this could be more damaging for the future of EVs in the long run.

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On June 3, 2023, while writing in The Guardian, Rowan Atkinson claimed, “I love electric vehicles – and was an early adopter. But increasingly I feel duped.” To further drive home his point, Atkinson wrote, “Sadly, keeping your old petrol car may be better than buying an EV. There are sound environmental reasons not to jump just yet.”

What Is the Bumbling Bean Trying to Say?

The crux of Atkinson’s June 3 Op-ed in The Guardian is that while EVs hold promise for environmental sustainability, they are not the sole solution. There should be a broader exploration of alternative technologies, such as hydrogen fuel cells and synthetic fuels, as well as a shift in consumer behavior to achieve a more sustainable automotive industry.

In particular, Atkinson is concerned with the production of lithium-ion batteries and their impact on the environment.

“One of the most damaging articles…”

The British government plans to eradicate traditional vehicles by 2035, and the Green Alliance supports it. Therefore, the organization is extremely concerned about the type of narrative around EVs in British society. It looks upon Atkinson as a major influencer with real potential to jeopardize the government’s 2035 goal.

Green Alliance responds to Atkinson by questioning the facts narrated in his Op-ed. Interestingly, The Guardian also published its own response to Atkinson’s Op-ed, blaming the comedian for not fully comprehending the benefits already offered by EVs compared to combustion engine vehicles.

We are interested in hearing your views regarding EVs and their environmental friendliness. If you are interested in buying or selling electric vehicles, do check out OLX Motors listings.

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